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Russian transport: What you need to know when booking transfers

Russian transport: What you need to know when booking transfers

An essential checklist of what you need to know when booking taxis and airport transfers in Russia

You’ve planned your trip, booked your train tickets and hotels, but have you arranged your transfers? Often forgotten, transfers are crucial for getting you from A to B with minimal stress. While some travellers battle for taxis among the never-ending queues of tourists, wouldn’t it be much easier to just arrange your transport ahead of time? In this post we shall go through all you need to know when booking a transfer from the airport or train station in some of Russia’s busiest cities.

Are Russian taxis safe?

As a rule, we do not recommend using unofficial or “independent” taxi companies. While, you may find one you use regularly that you can trust, there are plenty out there that are unlicensed. Moreover, independents may charge you more since they are not confined by fixed city or company rates.

Inside a Private Russian Taxi

Are Russian taxis reliable?

The reliability of Russian taxis can vary depending on the and whether you choose an independent taxi or go with an established taxi company. Usually taxi companies in Russia are pretty reliable, but we do recommend doing the usual checks such as checking company reviews online to make sure. Private taxi companies and companies specialising in airport and train station are often the most reliable albeit more expensive.

Important! If you do plan to use an independent taxi make sure that you agree a price before getting into the taxi as you may find that drivers’ inflate the price.

Should I book my airport transfer in advance?

We would always recommend booking your transfers in advance to ensure that you can get a vehicle that meets your requirements, this is particularly the case for larger groups of travellers. It is often easier to do this once you have booked your flights and hotels.

How much does it cost to hire a private taxi in Russia?

Private Taxi Inside

The cost of hiring a private taxi in Russia will vary from company to company and will also depend on the type of vehicle you need and how far away your destination is from the airport or train station. Once you know your destination and number of people you should be able to obtain a quote to get a more accurate price.

Can’t I just get a taxi from the airport / train station?

Airport Transfer Car

Yes, it is possible to get a taxi from the airport or train station, but there are a couple of things to bear in mind when choosing this option:

  1. Cost – Getting a taxi at the airport / train station can be more expensive than if you book them in advance, especially if you use an independent taxi driver.
  2. Queues – Airports and train stations are busy places and many tourists and workers use public transport to travel between city centres and these places. Queues for taxis can be quite long if you arrive at the station at peak times.

Why you should book a private transport instead

  1. Safe and secure – When booking a private transfer with a reputable transfer company you can be assured that you will be safe and secure, allowing you to enjoy your commute without the stress.
  2. Possibility of hiring a trusted driver – If you decide you want to explore the city securely, you may have the option to hire a driver for a full day.
  3. Payment is risk-free– Most private taxis are booked online in advance at a set price, once paid there will be no additional charges to pay. The price advertised is the price you pay.
  4. Accountability and guarantees – Most professional transfer companies have an established reputation and will have guarantees and grievance processes in place, if your journey does not go as planned.

Book your hotel and airport transfers with us

Novosibirsk Private Transfer

We have negotiated “bulk rates” with many professional transfer companies and can offer you transfers from multiple cities and locations. We can also arrange private car transfers from Moscow airport for individuals and couples to city-liner buses for large groups of up to 50 people at discounted prices.

To learn more about the transfers and taxi services we offer, please see our designated transfers page, fill in the necessary details and click the request button.