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Seasonal Guide to Beijing: Summer

Seasonal Guide to Beijing: Summer

Summer months in Beijing are long and hot, with the exception of the hilly areas, which get more shade, the average temperature is above 24 degrees celsius. The hottest it has ever been is 34 degrees celsius.

We'd recommend bringing sun hats, a fan and a water bottle anywhere you go as if you're not used to these temperatures they can be hard to deal with.

Summer is peak tourist season so hotels will typically raise rates and tourist attractions like the Great Wall will be especially busy.

What is there to do?

The mountainous areas, like Jingdong Grand Canyon and Chuandixia village near Beijing's suburbs offer scenic views and interesting culture as well as some coolness to help escape the Summer heat. Another way to keep cool and take in the Beijing sights is a leisurely boat ride on Kunming Lake at the Summer Palace, or riding rickshaws to visit Hutons (traditional neighbourhoods).

Best Summer Excursions:

Chuandixia Ancient Village Day Trip

The trip to Chuandixia is a chance to see the incredible history of a village dating back to the Ming Dynasty. It is decorated with over 500 unique courtyard homes owned by 70 families.

You can visit temples left as historic relics between the houses. Many of the homes, which feature intricate wood, stone and tile craving, have been converted into inns offering food and places to sleep to travellers. You'll be immersed in the beauty within the paved paths and winding staircases surrounded by awe inspiring mountains and gorgeous scenery.

HuTong tour with Rickshaw

Beijing is famous for its rickshaws so why not take one to old Beijing on a local tour, which includes visits to the local areas to meet locals, visit Prince Gong's Palace and the Drum Tower.

It offers an incredible chance to see Chinese architecture, history and culture.

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