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Seasonal Guide to Beijing: Winter

Seasonal Guide to Beijing: Winter

Just because it`s cold doesn`t mean Beijing isn`t as busy as ever with skiing, live performances and much more!

Winter lasts from December to February and is generally cold and dry with the ocassional snow. If you're travelling to China during this time, be aware temperatures are often well below zero. You'll need to pack thick jackets, a lot of layers, sweaters, hats, gloves and heavy boots.

Just because it's cold doesn't mean that Beijing isn't as busy as ever though!

What is there to do?

Eat steaming Mongolian hotpot to warm up!

You can also celebrate a traditional lunar new year in the Hutongs, traditional villages, attend one of the bustling temple fairs or learn how to make authentic dumplings to really get a taste of Beijing life.

If you want something more active there are plenty of places to ski during the Winter months, including Nanshan Ski resort which is only 30 minutes outside of Beijing as well as Huaibei Ski Resort and the Bird's Nest (The National Stadium and main venue for the 2008 Beijing Olympics).

Best Winter Excursions:

Nanshan Ski Tour

A must for any ski lover. Nanshan Ski Village is located near Miyun Country, just a 30 minute drive away. Enjoy the incredible landscapes and scenery as you glide down the slopes. As well as skiing, you can also snowboard. This tour will provide transport to and from the Ski Village as well as enterance fees but will give you complete freedom at the village.

Evening Acrobat Show

Take the opportunity to warm up and enjoy the amazing talents of Chinese acrobatics in this evening show. The performance features extraordinary feats of balance, agility and co-ordination with gymnastic skills, circus acts, martial arts, ballet and diving.

It promises to be a night you won't forget.

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