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Seasonal Guide to Ulan-Bator: Autumn

Seasonal Guide to Ulan-Bator: Autumn

Want to visit Ulan-Bator but not sure when`s the best time to make the journey? Well it all depends what you want to do while you`re there! Real Russia is here to help with our seasonal guide to Ulan-Bator so you can make the most of your time whenever you go.

Autumn lasts from early September to early November, and the beginning of Autumn is an amazing time to travel. There's the beauty of summer with the transitional delights of autumn. August has heavy rainfall in the northern and central areas. The weather fills up the river and brings lush green grass creating a picturesque view but it can also swamp roads with mud.

Autumn does start to get colder again but October has the lowest amount of rain and snow, you can get a little snow around early September though. Autumn in Mongolia is the season of transition from the hot summer to the cold and dry winter. Autumn has less rain and gradually gets cooler as the harvest comes. Pastures and forests become yellow and the livestock will be eating as much as they can to prepare for winter hibernation.

What should I do?

Celebrate Nomad's Day Festival in September, one of the most exciting cultural festivals of Mongolia. On Nomad's day local nomadic groups will demonstrate the major customs of nomadic lifestyles to visitors as part of a competition. You'll see races to assemble gers in the shortest time, and then load up onto yak carts. Visitors always love to watch exciting events as nomadic men will grab lassos from the group while galloping on horseback. Traditional milky tea will be made and offered out to visitors and children will play nomadic games of wits.

Between autumn and winter is Mongolia's Independence day on 26th November which celebrates Mongolia's independence from the Russian Soviet Union and China in 1921.

Best Autumn Excursions:

City Walking Tour

The walking tour takes you around all the cultural, spiritual and historical sights. Start with a visit to Choijin Lama Buddhist Monastery to experience the amazing Buddhist morning chanting. You'll then visit two of the best museums in the national history museum and fine art museum to admire the many displays of authentic Mongolian artefacts and wonderful artistry.

Visit the local shops and buy art, antiques and cashmere; the day is completed with an incredible traditional Mongolian folk dance with vibrant costumes and music to finish a day immersed in Mongolian culture.

Trip to Terelj National Park: One night in a ger

See the beautiful changing nature of Terelj National Park, Mongolia's most famous national park. This exciting two-day tour gives you the ultimate experience of Mongolian life, nature and culture. You'll head off to Terelj National park to the ger camp where you can settle in to the incredible surroundings and relax with lunch. You'll have a chance to explore the park and wander in the hills of wild flowers, see incredible rock formations and the local meditation center. You'll get to enjoy dinner in the ger camp before settling in for the night.

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