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Seasonal Guide to Ulan-Bator: Spring

Seasonal Guide to Ulan-Bator: Spring

Want to visit Ulan-Bator but not sure when`s the best time to make the journey? Well it all depends what you want to do while you`re there! Real Russia is here to help with our seasonal guide to Ulan-Bator so you can make the most of your time whenever you go.

Spring is a relatively short season, starting around Mid-March and only lasting two months. It's a complex season in Mongolia as while it is time for the snow to melt and animals to come out of hibernation the beginning of spring is spent recovering from the harsh winter. Because of this, we wouldn't recommend homestays at the beginning of spring as families will be focused on rebuilding their crops and caring for their animals after the winter.

Spring still offers some incredible festivals as the weather starts to warm up, and in the east of Mongolia you can witness Gazelle migrations which are an amazing sight.

April has the least amount of rain throughout the year, and while March to Mid-May will bring sunshine you'll also find sudden snowstorms and biting wind chill can take temperatures down to -5 and light rain is common from May. The rain is good for the farmland but you'll need to be prepared when you pack.

If you want to go during a hospitable but quieter time, May is your best bet.

What should I do?

Bridging the gap between Winter and Spring is the Great Winter Festival which is around 28th February-10th March. The beginning of March also features the celebration of ice on lake Hovsgol and the festival of One Thousand Camels.

April, in particular, is one of the best times to visit the ruins of the Mongol Empire. A particular highlight is the Nauryz festival, the Kazakh celebration of the coming spring, which takes places over two days towards the end of March and culminates with a community parade in Ulgii.

Typically, there isn't any eagle hunting after March as prey, like foxes, will have just had their litters and will be carrying their cubs with them. Towards the end of spring is also a great time to visit nomadic families as many of the farm animals like cows and horses, will be having their young.

Best Spring Excursions:

Day Trip to Khustain Nuruu National Park

Explore the grasslands and wildlife of this natural wonder. This tour drives you west from the capital into Khustain Nuruu National Park where you'll find yourself surrounded in greenery with grazing sheep and yaks accompanies by lone horsemen and nomadic gers dotted across the countyside.

Day Trip to Nomadic Family

This tour takes you on a unique journey to meet a nomadic family. You'll have the opportunity to dine with the family as you learn about the nomadic lifestyle and culture, and try homemade dairy products. Use the afternoon to enjoy a leisurely stroll in the surrounding area or admire the landscape from horseback.

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