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Seasonal Guide to Ulan-Bator: Summer

Seasonal Guide to Ulan-Bator: Summer

Want to visit Ulan-Bator but not sure when`s the best time to make the journey? Well it all depends what you want to do while you`re there! Real Russia is here to help with our seasonal guide to Ulan-Bator so you can make the most of your time whenever you go.

Summer is the warmest season in Mongolia, lasting late May to September, and is definitely the most popular time for travellers. July is the hottest month of the year with average temperatures above 20 degrees, this makes it a great time to explore Mongolia's beautiful nature. There is more rain in summer than in spring and autumn which gives life to the lakes and rivers and it can prove refreshing during the hotter days! The beginning of summer is considered the most beautiful time of year.

What should I do?

Summer is packed with fun festivals that show off Mongolia's rich, and unique, heritage. July hosts the Playtime festival, the largest annual live music festival in Mongolia, which takes place just before the Naadam festival.

The Naadam festival is a must see for any culture lover as it showcases three of Mongolia's most cherished pastimes, wresting, archery and horseback riding. Summer is also a great time to take advantage of the warmer weather and visit the awe-inspiring Genghis Khan statue.

Best Summer Excursions:

Two Night Trip to Bogd Khan National Park

Delve into the history of Ulan-Bator, this trip takes you on a southern escape into the Bogd Khan National Park via Zuunmod town, the cetnre of Tuv Province. Spend two days enjoying traditional gers, beautiful larch trees, amazing scenery, monastery ruins and a museum dedicated to Mongolian history and architecture.

Overnight Trip to Visit a Nomadic Family

Spend a night as a local. A unique chance to become part of a nomadic family for a couple of days as you are taken from the city to a family in the countryside where you'll stay with them in their own ger. You'll get to experience the everyday life of the nomads, learning about how they live and their culture as well as trying their homemade dairy products and food.

You'll have the chance to explore the surrounding area to experience the beautiful countryside in Mongolia and enjoy the lifestyle of the nomads.

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