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Sport and Travel fans - Sochi Winter Olympics

Sport and Travel fans – Sochi Winter Olympics

This 22nd Winter Olympics has had a great deal of media attention, as it has been reported as the most expensive in history, with an estimated $51bn spent. It has had the longest torch relay in Winter Olympic history too, with a 40,000 mile route from Moscow to Sochi through 2,900 towns and villages, as well as having been flown into Space!

The XXll Olympic Winter Games will take place between the 7th and the 23rd February. This is followed by the Xl Paralympic events between 7th and the 16th March. There will be 6,000 Olympic athletes and 1,650 Paralympic athletes competing for an overall 170 medals across 12 sports.

With its Imeretinskaya Valley prepared for the ice events and Krasnaya Polyana mountains equipped for skiing events – Sochi is a model setting for winter sports, whether you are an adventurer, participant, or sport enthusiast. Not to mention Russia generally has 25 UNESCO world heritage sites, plus idyllic landscapes such as Lake Baikal – a breath-taking lake that holds 20% of the world’s freshwater – making it a prime destination for travel in 2014!

This marks the first of a series of major sporting events that Russia will host over the next few years and they are keen to show the world what they can do.

In the run up to the start, and throughout the Games, our teams are able to assist with visa applications, plus train tickets from major European cities, as well as excursions in line with your visit to the Olympics Games. Our dedicated visa team, in London, will be working closely with the Russian consulate to provide a fast and accurate service for anyone visiting.

Spectators to the events will require a tourist visa, unless the visitor is otherwise exempt as a participant of, or officially connected with, the Olympic Games. For these tourist visa applications, Real Russia can assist with two application processes: Standard and Express.

If you would like more information about these visa options then take a look at our full Sochi Winter Olympics page, devoted to providing up to date visa advice for spectators to the Games.

If you have any enquiries, feel free to contact our visa, travel or tours specialists for further information on arranging visas, train tickets, or excursions for this event, or speak to one of our advisors via our live chat web feature.

For the full Winter Olympics schedule – this is viewable on the Official Sochi site.