3 ways to explore Russia by train

How do we even begin to think about exploring a country that is almost twice the size of the rest of Europe combined? Well, by train of course!

Real Russia Blog 14 March 2019 Interview with travel writer Jamie Tinklepaugh Read from the writer of Wheeling East: London to Hong Kong by wheelchair and train about taking the Trans-Siberian as a wheelchair user Travel writer Jamie Tinkepaugh, and his father Peter Davies, decided to take the Trans-Siberian as countless travellers have before them. […]

Visiting local museums is at the top of many travellers 'to-do' list when visiting somewhere new, so we have rounded up the 'top 50' museums in Europe according to their popularity on Instagram!

After travelling on the Trans-Siberian and seeing unrivalled natural beauty, Javier Sinay found himself equally entranced with the locals and travellers the route attracts.

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