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Things to do in Sochi… alongside the Winter Olympics

Things to do in Sochi… alongside the Winter Olympics

Firstly there are classical sites and museums that you might expect from any Russian town, plus natural heritage sites, and activity centres to cater to people of all ages, with a variety of interests.

At Stalin’s summer residence, the public are encouraged to wander the halls and the rooms, including a banquet room, billiard room, swimming pool, and of course the study of the leader, plus the courtyard with a large Chess set, which presents both Stalin’s professional and social approach to life. There are even suspicions of the ghost of Stalin wandering the halls, so this not just for an average lover of history!

The Sochi Art Museum is an iconic building with four pillars holding up the centre of this broad neo-classic-esque architecture. The exhibitions rotate frequently, ranging from displays of technical modern art to fine art. We would recommend to check what will be exhibiting whilst you are visiting Sochi, so that you won’t miss out!

Sochi also has fun activities geared for all the family: Sochi Discovery World Aquarium presents a range of sea life to observe and enjoy; Open-Air Animal Complex Laura has hundreds of species of wildlife to walk amongst; and the Singing Fountains, located at the corner of Navaginskaya and Kurortny Prospekt streets, bring life to the town. These activities will be enjoyed as much by adults and parents, as children!

Then to rest from all the excitement and to explore Sochi further, we recommend to visit the beautiful Natural parks: Khostinsky Tisosamshitovaya Grove, Dendrary Botanical Garden, and Krasnaya Polyana Mountain cluster. Not to forget, the Waterfalls and rivers near to Sochi: Agura and Orekhovsky and the Mzymta River are also worth a visit!

Sochi has a wide variety of restaurants and bars, ranging from traditional to modern, so whether you are a family looking for a comfortable place to eat, or a group of friends looking for nightlife, Sochi can accommodate both and will ensure that everyone has a great time!

If you would like more information about the visa options, during the Sochi Winter Olympics, take a look at our full Sochi Winter Olympics page, devoted to providing up to date visa advice for spectators to the Games.

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