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Trans-Siberian Train 9 Baikal changes route and schedule

Trans-Siberian Train 9 Baikal changes route and schedule

Train #9 / #10, the famous “Baikal Express”, which currently makes the 5,465 km journey between St Petersburg located on Russia’s Baltic coast and Irkutsk located deep in Siberia on odd numbered days is to change its schedule and route from the end of May 2013.
While the schedule change has not been finally confirmed, sources in the East-Siberian Federal Company which operates the train cited falling demand for the route and said that “Baikal will be changed to travel between Irkutsk and Novosibirsk five times a week during summer period and only two / three times a week during winter season”.

The Baikal, a high quality Firmini train has been a regular fixture on the Trans-Siberian route for decades and this famous train will certainly be missed, Mark Smith of on hearing the news commented “So the Trans-Sib loses one of its best trains…”

The proposed schedule change will not affect any tours operated by Real Russia, though it is expected to put pressure on the other trains operating the route, especially during the peak summer season when the Baikal was a popular choice for many travellers and as such we would advise people planning this route to regularly review our live online schedule tool, to book early and discuss their options with our travel team.