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Travel to Russia and Mongolia on a completely tailored Trans-Siberian holiday

Travel to Russia and Mongolia on a completely tailored Trans-Siberian holiday

Your Trans-Siberian holiday, your way!

Everyone has a bucket list, and for many, the Trans-Siberian railway is a firm favourite, spanning incredible cities, vast Siberian forests and breath-taking views of Lake Baikal. We all have our own idea of what we want to do when we get the opportunity to hop on-board the train and see Russia with our own eyes; but most have to follow a set plan. A plan laid out by a travel company. Well, not with Real Russia.

Personalising your itinerary

With all our tours, we start with a set itinerary based around the tours you see on our website. This gives us a fantastic foundation to work from. They have been created by bringing together the most popular destinations, excursions and accommodation as chosen by Real Russia customers, and are ready to buy right now, no tinkering required!

We understand that many people like to add that personal touch, though. This is where our award-winning Travel Experts really come into their own. They will work with you to make sure that your bucket list Trans-Siberian holiday is everything that you hope it can be.

So, what can our team help you personalise? Well, in short, nearly everything! But, to be a little more specific:

  • You can choose the length of holiday – you can spend a week doing the Trans-Siberian or months should you choose!
  • Select departure dates that suit you.
  • Pick which cities you would like to visit and how long you would like to visit them for.
  • Several trains run between most cities every day, so the choice is yours (though we will recommend the ones we think are best).
  • Select which transfers you would like.
  • Pick any excursion or day trip we offer or suggest your own.
  • Choose whether you want meals included or not – if you prefer, we can suggest restaurants for you to try.
  • Pick where you want to start and finish your journey, and even which countries it passes through.
  • … almost anything else you can think of!

The world rushes by on a Trans-Siberian adventure

Picking your day trips and excursions

The highlight of any successful itinerary are the day trips and excursions. But how do you decide what to see when the choice seems endless? The best place to start is with our curated list of excursions covering all the major cities along the Trans-Siberian railway at the link below.

Just pick your city and away you go.

If you see anything you like, mention it to our Travel Experts when you make your tour booking, and we will work it into any itinerary we prepare for you.

Have you heard of a cool day trip that you can’t see in the list? No problem. Let us know about it. Send us a link, a photo, anything really, and we will work to put it into your itinerary (and try it out ourselves when we get the chance!).

Book now with complete support from Real Russia

Ready to book? Looking for some inspiration? Want to speak to one of our Travel Experts? We can help with all three!

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