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Real Russia: Winners at the World Travel Awards 2014

Real Russia: Winners at the World Travel Awards 2014

We are delighted to announce that we have been awarded the 2014 title of “Russia’s Leading Travel Agency” for the 2nd consecutive year. It is a privilege to be given this recognition with an award from the “Oscars” of the Travel Industry and we owe our success to the hard work of our staff and the support of our customers and partners.

Our MD, Chris Watkins, and his wife attended the World Travel Award ceremony, held in Greece on Saturday evening, and they were thrilled to be presented with the title. It was a night full of glamour and celebrations, which was attended by Europe’s travel elite. This interview featured on the night of the Gala so captures Chris' delight of winning the award!

This category has been especially difficult this year as not only has there been competition from industry giants, who have also won the award in previous years, we have also had to contend with the fact that no other company has won this award twice. However Real Russia’s services shone through as satisfied customers cast their vote, making this award a reality!

We would like to give thanks to our customers, for taking the time to place their votes and to our partners for spreading the word about the nomination and encouraging their satisfied customers to vote too, as we cannot reiterate enough, without your support this simply could not have been possible.

In celebration, Real Russia are delighted to make a contribution to our chosen charity, Go Help (March blog). Their volunteers work tirelessly to provide health care services to 3rd world countries and we hope that our contribution will allow them to continue their excellent work for a worthy cause.

Today, Real Russia supports thousands of people travelling to the region with all aspects of travel services including rail tours, international & domestic train tickets, accommodation, visas and transfers. Since last year, we have also had the privilege to develop further, employing more staff, launching a new website to make our customer experience more enjoyable and teaming up with new partners, so that we can continue to broaden accessibility travelling from Europe and China all the way to Russia and back again.

Winning the award means so much to everyone at Real Russia, especially as the results are based on votes from satisfied customers and knowing that we have continued to meet this expectation since winning last years’ award too means even more!

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Real Russia Tours Brochures!

Real Russia Tours Brochures!

Over the past 11 year’s we have provided dedicated support and specialist advice, assisting customers with visas, accommodation, train tickets and transfers for Russia, China, Mongolia as well as many other major cities throughout Europe. As a result, we have built up strong connections and understand the importance of care and attention when making travel arrangements. Today this means we are able to offer you a one stop all encompassing experience for tours as well!

We have released four online brochures that detail our full tours range. These brochures include travel advice, itinerarys and prices describing the highlights of destinations throughout Russia, Mongolia and China. Have you ever wanted to visit Shaman Rock and stand on the edge of Lake Baikal, or enjoy a lunch in a Ger Camp? All of these and many more are excursions we offer as part of our Trans-Siberian Rail Tours.

Our Trans-Siberian brochure gives an overview of the tours we offer and recommends how to choose the right tour for you!

From this Trans-Siberian brochure, you will see, our tours range can be divided into three routes: Trans-Mongolian, Trans-Russian and Trans-Manchurian.

Each of these brochures give detailed explanations of the excursions and destinations en-route. These brochures also give a price list at the back for quick reference, or you can go direct to our tours page on our website to explore our ranges online. As we have a tri-fold range of 'explore', 'discover' and 'experience', we are able to accommodate all ages, travel preferences and budgets. Also, as our staff are situated across offices in Russia, Europe and the UK, we understand the bespoke regions, and importance of getting travel arrangements right – We work hard to make your dream a reality!

If you would like to arrange a tour, or simply to enquire about train tickets, visas, accommodation or transfers then contact one of our Real Russia team who will be happy to answer your queries and make any arrangements too.

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World Travel Awards 2014: Nomination!

World Travel Awards 2014: Nomination!

For over ten years Real Russia has been devoted to offering the most dedicated travel service and we are pleased to announce that we are once again in the running for: ‘Russia’s Leading Travel Agency” at the World Travel Awards for 2014.

(Click for info on ‘How to vote’!)

Though we won the 2013 World Travel Award, as voted by our customers, this 2014 nomination g

ives us the opportunity to once again prove our service, and retain the title of “Russia’s Leading Travel Agency”, as well as extend support to our dedicated charity!

This year our charity of choice as Go Help, which improves healthcare to 3rd world countries. Its' volunteers work tirelessly to enhance the ambulance services available in countries such as Mongolia, and the stan-regions. See our March blog outlining the Go Helps charity rallies and the ways in which our support can help. For each vote we receive, we will make donation to Go Help!

We feel proud to have this opportunity to win two years in a row, and so if you, a friend, or someone you know, has received outstanding customer service, been happy with our visa process, used our helpful forum or website, or experienced the trip of a life time arranged through us; and think that our commitment should be acknowledged and rewarded, then our whole team at Real Russia would appreciate your support by voting for us as “Russia’s Leading Travel Agency 2014”.

It is an easy process to vote – click to see ‘How to Vote!’.

And, if you would like to get to know our online community, keep in touch with us via our Facebook, Twitter, or Linked in too.

Thank you for taking part!

from everyone at Real Russia