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TravelSim: The smart way to call abroad!

TravelSim: The smart way to call abroad!

The international SIM card that can save you up to 85% on international calls!

Travelling abroad can be an exciting and enthralling experience. Absorbing the breath taking scenery, sampling local delicacies and viewing historical architecture is only half the excitement. Sharing your happiness with family and friends back home makes it that much more enjoyable.

Introducing TravelSim! Over three million travellers around the world use TravelSim to call, text and use data when travelling abroad. TravelSim is an international SIM card that enables customers to save up to 85% on international calls. With free Skype calls to TravelSim and network coverage in over 200 countries, TravelSim is designed to help the customer keep in touch with family and friends at an affordable rate. There’s no need to worry about international roaming charges and is stress free for the customer. Click here to find out more!

Cheap international calls from the Trans-Siberian

While you are relaxing in your cabin, appreciating the earth’s natural beauty, you can also share this unforgettable experience with family and friends by calling them cheaply. TravelSim allows the customer to call from Russia, China, Mongolia, Japan and other countries at affordable prices. Not only is TravelSim inexpensive, but it is also free to receive incoming calls and there are no monthly fees or contracts to sign.

Free Skype calls for family and friends

When a family member goes on holiday, calling them can be expensive. With free Skype calls, family and friends can enjoy calling their loved one for absolutely free!

TravelSim is now available to purchase from the Real Russia website.

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A Word from our New Private and Luxury Tour Providers!

A Word from our New Private and Luxury Tour Providers!

Meet our new tour partners!

You may have spotted a theme to our social media this week. If you haven’t visited our social media this week, I shall give you a moment to go take a look …






Welcome back. Noticed the theme?

New for 2015, we have partnered with a, handpicked, selection of tour operators in order to offer you four new luxury and private tours.

We have had our say about these new partners already this week, but we thought it would be better if they introduced themselves to you directly.

So without further ado, here they are …

Imperial Russia

With our new exciting Trans-Siberian tour on a luxury train, ‘Imperial Russia’ you will feel the imperial spirit of the endless expanses of Russia, see the unique nature of Siberia with your own eyes, enjoy Mongolian hospitality, get inspired by the mysterious culture of China and make new friends from all around the world.

Our ‘Imperial Russia’ train is a ‘hotel on wheels’, having different classes on board; VIP, First Class Plus, First Class, Standard and also Restaurant and Bar Cars.

Experienced local guides perform tours in English, French, German and Spanish. You will never get bored as folk shows, cooking master classes and concerts are included in the tour.

Tsars Gold

Lernidee Trains & Cruises, established in 1986, is the world’s leading tour operator for private train journeys and boutique ship cruising.

Lernidee’s extraordinary private train journeys in more than 40 countries allow clients to discover foreign lands, incredible geographical features and the world’s most famous railway lines from the comfort of a train carriage e.g. on the Trans-Siberian Railroad or on Africa’s colonial tracks.

Most of our journeys are tailor-made for small groups, private tour groups and individual travellers, ensuring truly memorable experiences. We take our clients to natural wonders and significant cultural sites and provide them with the authentic flavours of local life. Fascinating lectures, exciting excursions and delicious local dishes allow our clients to get a genuine impression of the travelled regions thus lifting them into an enthralling world of pioneering exploration.

Golden Eagle Luxury Tours

What’s the best thing about a Golden Eagle train journey? Is it that feeling of luxury embedded into everything you touch? The romance of rail travel which has inspired a thousand stories? Could it be the companionship of fellow travellers or the friendly, expert service of our staff?

What ties all these things together is the sheer, unrivalled scope of the whole experience. Luxury, romance and friendship go hand in hand as you travel across some of the world’s most breath-taking terrain. Nowhere is this stunning variety more apparent than on our Trans-Siberian route across Russia and into Mongolia.

On this, our flagship journey, you’ll experience things that simply have to be seen to be believed. Sights and sounds which photography and the written word can only go so far towards capturing.

So there you have it, straight from the source.

Has this inspired you to hop on-board a train to travel across the incredible expanse that is Eurasia and the Trans-Siberian railway?

Or does this bring back memories of journeys past?

Either way, let us know in the comments below!