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To the Edge of the World – The story of the Trans-Siberian Railway-Christian Wolmar

To the Edge of the World – The story of the Trans-Siberian Railway-Christian Wolmar

“To the Edge of the World –The story of the Trans-Siberian Railway”

As one of the UK’s most recognised writers and broadcasters, Christian has spent most of his career as a journalist, still regularly contributing to newspapers such as The Times and Guardian. Transport has always been of interest to him and being appointed as transport correspondent for The Independent in 1992 increased his curiosity even further. Today he has an established series of books exploring the history of the world’s railways and his latest offering is ideal for anyone taking a trip on the iconic Trans-Siberian route. Published by Atlantic Books, “To the edge of the world” is a detailed history of the Trans-Siberian Railway and a must for all train and rail enthusiasts.

Real Russia is delighted to have been asked to be involved in the book launch by Christian. He was so impressed with our help when we booked his recent rail tickets across Russia that he also pays a special thanks to us in his latest book. The Real Russia team are looking forward to celebrating the launch of “To the edge of the world” and are extremely proud to have been recognised by such an expert of the railways.

When on the Trans-Siberian route, we highly recommend taking a copy of “To the edge of the world” along. After all, there is no better place to enjoy reading a book about the history of the Trans-Siberian than while on the iconic journey itself.

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