Tours Covid-19 Cancellation Policy & Information

We understand that you may have concerns about safety and travel during the Coronavirus pandemic. With this in mind, we have put together this helpful guide to provide more information about what we are doing to help ensure our tours are as safe and secure as they possibly can be.

We are Covid-secure!

As of summer 2021, the Russian government made it mandatory for all workers in the tourism industry among others to be vaccinated. Therefore, any employees dealing directly with consumers either have their vaccination or, have been suspended from their duties.

We thoroughly audited our supply chain and now only work with approved partners that can demonstrate sufficient “Covid-safe” measures to ensure that all our services are Covid secure whether it is a tour package, hotel booking, or a transfer.

We ensure our partners also, follow all local safety guidance at the Federal, regional, and at city level and will alert you of changes that may affect your travel plans as soon as possible.

COVID-19 Flexibility options and Cancellations - October 2021

We are aware that many customers want to know what will happen to their booking if they, or someone they are travelling with, are unable to travel due to a COVID-19 related reason. 

This policy sets out our “flexible booking options” and cancellation policy due to a COVID-19 related reason and is in addition to our standard terms and conditions

We trust it is clear, transparent and alleviates your concerns, though if you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us and we will be happy to help.

COVID-19 related reasons

For the purpose of this policy, we consider valid COVID-19 reasons to be if you, or one of your party are unable to travel due to: 

  1. Testing positive for COVID-19 within 30 days prior to departure
  2. Being ordered to self-isolate by your government health authorities
  3. Your government publish an order not to travel to, or instruction against anything but essential travel, to the destination(s) you will visit in your booking and that such order or instruction cover your dates of travel 

Flexibility option - Amending a booking date due to COVID-19

Our flexibility option will allow you to amend your travel date for free up to 30 days before departure if you, or one of your party, are unable to travel due to a COVID-19 related reason. 

This applies to new bookings or travel voucher customers and can only be used once.  

An amendment request received 30 days or more before departure must have the new start date confirmed within 14 days, otherwise our standard terms and conditions will apply. 

If your new travel date attracts seasonal or other premiums, then you will be required to pay the difference between your original travel date and your new travel date before the booking can be reconfirmed.   

If your new travel date enjoys a lower price between your original travel date and your new travel date, you will be offered the difference as either a refund or be given the opportunity to use the difference towards additional travel products. 

Any amendment requests to the original booking other than a change in travel date would be considered a new amendment and the booking would be processed under our standard terms and conditions. 

For amendment requests within 29 days of departure or due to a second COVID-19 related reason, we may, at our discretion, either offer you our flexibility option or apply our standard terms and conditions to your booking. 

Where possible we will always strive to offer you the flexibility option.  

We reserve the right to refuse to amend your travel date for a COVID-19 reason, if we are not reasonably satisfied that this is the reason for your amendment request. In such circumstances our normal terms and conditions will apply. 

Cancelling a booking due to COVID-19

If you need to cancel your booking for a COVID-19 related reason, you must notify us in writing as early as possible (and at the latest 48 hours before your scheduled departure) and that you provide us with appropriate evidence of the COVID-19 reason you are using to cancel your booking. 

 We will provide written confirmation that we have cancelled the tour for a COVID-19 related reason within 7 days and detail the associated cancellation costs that you will be able to pass to your travel insurance company to claim back. 

 Your travel insurance company should cover your cancellation costs. 

 If your travel insurance company does not allow you to recover the cancellation costs, we may, at our discretion, offer to amend the date of travel of your booking using our flexibility option or apply our standard terms and conditions.

Travel Insurance

The majority of Tour Operators and Principals that we make your arrangements through on your behalf will require that for package tours and package travel arrangements you have suitable travel insurance that will cover you in the event of cancellation due to a COVID-19 related reason. 

When you make a booking, you will be asked to confirm that you have adequate travel insurance in place that includes cover for cancellation of your booking due to COVID-19 related reasons. 

The consumer group WHICH ran a comparison between 250 travel insurance policies that provide comprehensive cover including COVID-19 in August 2021. 

Amongst the Top 20 UK providers they recommend banks such as HSBC, Barclays and Halifax (for current customers with certain accounts). 

 For non-bank customers, the next highest rated insurers who are currently providing travel insurance are: 

Please note, we do not have any relationship or agreement with the companies listed above and are passing the information onto you in good faith. 


The lead passenger named on the booking is deemed to have the authority to manage the booking for all persons included. 

As with all our terms and conditions, this policy will be reviewed regularly. 

Real Russia Ltd reserves the right to withdraw or amend this policy at any time.