Emergency Help


If you are in need of assistance

If you’re in need of assistance whilst travelling we offer a dedicated 24 hour telephone support service.

For all emergencies you can call us on +44 (0) 207 100 7370 where our operators are available to provide help 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

If you are a Real Russia TravelSim user then calls to our helpline are free for the first three minutes. Click here for more information on the Real Russia TravelSim.

If you experience problems whilst away, our team can offer guidance and support. If for example you have mislaid your passport, you are experiencing difficulty boarding a train or any number of other travel issues, call our emergency helpline for immediate assistance.

Emergency help FAQs

In the unfortunate event, that you lose your Russian visa or this is stolen, you need a replacement exit visa.

First of all, you must contact a local police precinct and make a request for an official document confirming that your visa was lost. To make the processing easier we recommend you to state that your documents were lost, not stolen.

Then, you need to get a new passport from the British Embassy in Moscow.

With the documents mentioned above, you need to have one matt-finished photo and your return ticket (with the fixed returned date) then you should go to our Moscow office. We will process a new exit visa for you.

Please note: The processing takes no less than 5 business days.

If you lose your passport or your believe this has been stolen, you will need to obtain an emergency travel document from the British embassy.

First of all, you must contact a local police precinct and make a request for an official document confirming that your visa was lost. If you are not sure whether your passport was lost or whether it was stolen, we recommend stating that your documents were lost, as this tends to simplify the process.

Once reported, you need to get a new emergency travel document from the British Embassy in Moscow.

Please note: you will need to have some form of identification with you or evidence of your travel plans such as booking confirmations and tickets.

To learn more about the emergency travel document please visit: https://www.gov.uk/emergency-travel-document

On short distance trains, we recommend contacting the train provider and the station in which the luggage was lost as soon as possible – it may be that this has been handed in. For long distance trains, it is possible to obtain an online search enquiry form from RZD that ensures a search period of 30 days from the moment of your trip. The enquiry form includes your full name, ticket number, contact phone number, email and the last 4 digits of the ID document the rail ticket was issued for. 

In addition to your personal details, there are fields where you can detail the lost items and the approximate (or exact) place where you left your luggage. If any things matching your description are found, you will be given the chance to identify your belongings by photos, and if agreed, you can then arrange delivery including any postage fees.

If you have left something behind in a taxi we have booked for you please try and contact our 24/7 hotline as soon as you possibly can. We have contact details of the drivers used for transfers and may be able to locate any luggage left behind, however, this cannot be guaranteed. The sooner you report any missing items to us, the more likely we will be able to locate and get this back to you.

When travelling around Russia, there is a slim chance you may be stopped by police on the street (or while driving a car or a taxi) for a routine document check.

Document checks are fairly common in Russia and are not something to be afraid of. The check follows a relatively simple process, simply introduce yourself politely and avoid escalation even if you are being provoked. Like anywhere, if you physically resist a police man or offend them this can be considered as a real criminal offence, so caution should be taken.

Here is the process you can expect as part of a police document check:

  1. Exchanging introductions

    The policeman should introduce themselves along with the police department they are from. They should also show you their police badge and tell you the reason for stopping you. If the officer does not follow this procedure it is ok to ask them to provide it, and if they refuse, report this to their local duty officer.

    You can also ask the police officer for some ID which you can then write down should you need it.

    If some of this information is missing you can ask them to provide it. If they refuse to provide it you can call the local duty office or to USB, which is the police auditor organisation: +7 499 317-24-66. You can also call us directly on our emergency hotline and we shall try and help you.

  2. Show your documents

    Once you have exchanged the formalities and are confident they are who they say, then we recommend simply showing your documentation. More often than not, they will simply check your documents and wish you  a pleasant day before continuing on.

    If you do not have your documents with you, you can say you have forgotten them, some officers may simply except a scan or some other form of identification so it is worthwhile carrying this information on you. If this is not accepted, then you may need to head back to the hotel escorted by the officer to provide the physical documents they are requesting (although this is rare, and often considered not worth their time).

    If you have a Russian residency permit or a Russian passport you can also ask them to check your identity over the radio with their police department; they will usually need you to confirm your name and a few other details.

If you booked a transfer with us, please use our 24/7 hotline +44 (0) 207 100 7370.

If something has gone wrong and you could not get through and the driver is still not there, then we recommend the following alternatives:

  1. Ask the receptionist to assist with booking a taxi (if you are still at the hotel)
  2. If at the airport, the airport help desk can help find an official taxi. You can also use the Aeroexpress trains to get to one of the Moscow central metro stations
  3. If at a railway station,
    use the nearest Metro to get to the required area of the city
  4. Walk to the nearest hotel or café. You will likely find an English speaking person who can assist with booking a taxi
  5. Use Yandex, Uber or Gett taxi apps to call for a taxi

In any case, please try and report a missed transfer to us as soon as you possibly can so we could investigate each case individually. You can either use the emergency contact number or, if you are not in a hurry, email us at travel@realrussia.co.uk.

In the case of a medical emergency, call 112 and request an ambulance. You can also use 103 which will reach an ambulance directly from your mobile phone.

If you believe any of your belongings have been stolen rather than lost, we recommend contacting the police and filing a report.

If you are in a hotel or any other public place where it might happen then the first step should be to contact the administration or reception of this building, or a local policeman who will then be able to assist and take any further actions if required.

We realise there might be a language barrier, therefore, a translation app or Google translate could be of some help. Alternatively, please feel free to contact our hotline and we will try and help with either translating over the phone, or, if the case is more complicated, assist with finding a translator to accompany you (please be aware that this may incur an extra fee).

If you miss your train connection, then there are a few things you can do. In remote locations, we always recommend to stay on the platform during train stops to make sure you are on time and have the train in view.

Please be aware that carriage attendant does not check the passengers that have re-boarded after the stop and the train does not wait. It is important you make sure you check the stop time against the timetable found on the wall of each carriage, or with the carriage attendant each time as they can vary the stop duration to avoid any general delays of the train.

Based on first-hand experience, we have found the following tips useful when travelling in Russia: 

  1. When leaving the train, try to take all your documents with you: (passport, money, mobile phone (charged), travel documents (vouchers, tickets and etc ).
  2. If it is a cold season, leave the train properly dressed for the weather even if for just a couple of minutes
  3. Long distance Trans-Siberian trains are normally full of foreign tourists you can make friends with during the trip. If so, we encourage you to share some contact details so when and if you miss the train, you will have a point of contact on board who can help to arrange your luggage move depending on the situation.
  4. Please save our hotline phone number to make sure you have got it with easy access to call us as soon as you can

Although we do not recommend this, it may be possible for us to find a taxi at the station to take you to the next station to catch the original train. Trains are normally slower than cars, however please be aware that this can be quite expensive.