Beijing Zoo and Ocean Park

“Monkeys, Beijing Zoo”

Step on the wild side, uncovering the wildlife of China

See some of the most exquisite wildlife on this tour as you visit the Beijing Zoo and Ocean Park.

The Zoo is the oldest in China and has one of the largest collections of varied wild animals including the giant panda, golden monkey, white-lipped deer, red-crowned crane and many more rare animals from all over the words.

The Zoo itself is a delight to wander around with lakes, ponds and hills. The grounds resemble classical Chinese gardens with flower beds amidst natural scenery, including dense groves of trees, stretches of meadows, lotus pools and hills dotted with pavilions and historical buildings to create a perfectly inclusive day out.

You’ll also get to visit Ocean Park which is the Beijing Aquarium. As the largest of its kind at 42000 square metres, its home to thousands of aquatic creatures with waterfalls and brooks in Tropical Rainforest styled rooms, Beach Styled rooms where you can even jump in the water, deep undersea loops, a Shark Pier and Dolphins and Whales too.

This day is packed full with so many animals and species to give you a day of pure wonder and enjoyment as you admire the amazing wildlife of China.

Excursion details

Location: China, Beijing

Category: Nature

Duration: 5 hours

What’s included:

A local guide and any other fees including any museum entrance fees. Meals and transfers included only where stated


For groups of more than 6 people, price will be provided on application.


Physical rating: Easy – Suitable for all

Guides available: English – Other languages are available though there maybe a price variation.