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Moscow excursions

Armoury and Novodevichy Tours (by metro)

"Uncover the treasures stored in the Armoury"

Visit the gorgeous 19th Century treasury with its impressive regalia and weaponry before wandering on to the Novodevichy Monastery with its unique structure and impressive walls. Read more...


5 hours
£ 51.00

Tretyakov Gallery Guided tour (by metro)

"Delve into the depths of Russian art and its underground."

This tour includes a ride on the second largest Metro in the world which spans nearly the whole city, before immersing yourself in Russian culture with over 170,000 works of art ranging from the earliest religious paintings to the most modern. Read more...


4 hours
£ 22.00

Tretyakov Gallery Guided tour (by car)

"Uncover the story behind Moscow's age old art"

Visit a unique collection of wonderful Russian art in this ancient State Gallery full with over 170,000 works of art from some of the finest artists to experience true Russian culture. Read more...


4 hours
£ 39.00

The pearls of the Golden Ring

"Explore the towns of the historic Golden Ring, Vladimir, Suzdal, Yaroslavl, Rostov Veliky and Sergiev Posad"

Leave the bustle of Moscow and delve into the early history of Russia with this amazing three-day tour that includes seven UNESCO World Heritage sites! Read more...


3 days
£ 350.00

Suzdal and Sergiev Posad with lunch

"Relax and enjoy a tranquil excursion away from the bustling centre of Moscow."

These two cities provide a peaceful trip away from the bustle of Moscow with exquisite convents and monasteries from the 11th Century in Suzdal and spiritual adventures in Sergiev Posad. Read more...


12 hours
£ 137.00

Sergiev Posad with lunch

"Visit the depths of Russia with one of its 25 UNESCO sites"

This beautiful city lies just 50km north of Moscow as one of the most historic cities around the capital with astounding cathedrals and authentic churches as well as a delicious lunch to break up your day. Read more...


7 hours
£ 72.00

Vladimir and Sergiev Posad

"Essential excursion uncovering two key parts of Russia"

This tour is a perfect opportunity to see both cities to get a real range of the beauty of Russian culture with many different unique historical buildings and ancient architecture. Read more...


12 hours
£ 117.00

Vladimir and Suzdal

"Experience the ancient Russian towns whose White Monuments have been designated as a UNESCO world Heritage Site"

This cities were huge political, religious and culture centres before Moscow took over and they still hold wonderful architecture from the 12th century. Read more...


12 hours
£ 150.00

Kuskovo Park and Estate

"Visit the quieter side to Moscow with this country house."

This tour is of the impressive Kuskovo Estate with glorious aristocratic houses, exquisite palace with tapestries and paintings as well as the wonderful surroundings. Read more...


4 hours
£ 36.00

Poklonnaya Hill, Victory Park

"Watch Russian history come alive"

The park sets the scene for the museum of the Great Patriotic War. During this three hour tour, you will see history come alive, see honour and pride reflected in the remarkable and emotionally inspiring commemoration to the 'Defenders of the Fatherland'. Read more...


3 hours
£ 30.00
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