Yekaterinburg excursions

City Tour (by car)

"Visit the beautiful sites of Yekaterinburg on this fully guided city tour"

See all the most important sights of Yekaterinburg including the many gorgeous Churches, theatres, estates, monuments, cathedrals, the authentic Russian streets and even a Circus! Read more...


3 hours
£ 28.00

Romanov Dynasty in Yekaterinburg

"Immerse yourself in the history of the Romanov Dynasty"

This dynasty is integral to the history of Yekaterinburg and the Emperor with three assassinations of the family taking place in the Urals and you’ll get to see all the houses, burials and villages surrounding the legend of the family. Read more...


4 hours
£ 39.00

Europe-Asia border line tour

"The crucial border crossing between the Ural pass"

This tour takes you along the crucial border along the Urals with the most amazing landscape full with both nature’s history and the history of these two continents with memorials and obelisks along the way. Read more...


4 hours
£ 37.00

Nevyansk, Demidovs Tower Tour

"See the age old industrial heart of Russia"

Merchants of the mining industry, the Demidovs made history in Nevyansk which you’ll see when visiting the museums, Leaning Stone Tower and secret passages involved in the creation of their gold in the 17th Century. Read more...


8 hours
£ 85.00

Sysert - a quiant town in the Urals

"Enjoy the picturesque Ural Landscape at Sysert"

This is one of the most picturesque towns in the Urals with is historic 18th Century surroundings, Taiga Forest and Talc Stone Lake along with a panoramic view of all this beauty from Watch Hill and a trip to a Museum! Read more...


9 hours
£ 92.00

Nizhnaya Sinyatchikha-Alapayevsk

"Uncover the beautiful historical town of Alapayevsk"

You’ll see all the local towns in this historical tour with a museum of Tchaikovsky, beautiful ancient Churches, houses from the 17th Century and a monastery all alongside the river bank, steeped in authentic Russian culture and history. Read more...


9 hours
£ 93.00

Deer Springs National Park

"Enjoy an invigorating 6km hike within the Ural landscape"

This Park is full of charming beauty with astounding caves, mystical rivers and rocks, and enchanting forests which offer you a tale of myth and deep history. Read more...


9 hours
£ 83.00

Winter tour to the husky dogs’ farm

"For a thrilling experience across the Ural landscape"

This is one of the most unique experiences offered in Yekaterinburg as you’re raced along by an incredible pack of dogs to enjoy both the thrill of the ride and the beauty of the sights around you to reach the exquisite Devils Rock. Read more...


9 hours
£ 69.00