Jinshanling Great Wall

“The Great Wall of China”

Immerse yourself in the inspiring Great Wall

The Jinshanling Great Wall is the one of the best preserved walls in the Hebei Province with beautiful original features with watchtowers and enemy towers, each built functionally with different tiers and windows to shoot out arrows or watch out over the wall. Each has its own style roof, some arched, some flat and some octagonal shaped.

Spot for yourself the Wangjinglou Tower, the General Tower, the Black Tower and the Taochun Tower as well as the big Jinshan Watchtower with its unique polished bricks.

The Wall for Preventing the Horses, the Retaining Wall, the Bricks with Words Written on and the Kylin Screen are also renowned and worth a visit as well as the 800m cable way which shouldn’t be missed.

Excursion details

Location: China, Beijing

Category: Culture and History

Duration: 8 hours

What’s included:

A local guide and any other fees including any museum entrance fees. Meals and transfers included only where stated


For groups of more than 6 people, price will be provided on application.


Jinshanling Great Wall hiking with box lunch. The excursion is not recommended for children, senior and frail people.

Physical rating: Moderate – Involves a certain amount of walking and/or physical activity

Guides available: English – Other languages are available though there maybe a price variation.
Price per person12345+6
Duration of the excursion is approximate and may vary according to local conditions.