Palaces and Gardens of Pavlovsk and Pushkin

“Pavlovsk Palace, St Petersburg”

A combination of two of St Petersburgs most treasured wonders

Travel to both Pushkin and Pavlovsk and see the sights of the more quaint, yet beautiful suburbs of St. Petersburg.

First, you will get to admire the sights on the way to Pushkin as you learn about the history of Tsarskoselskiy ensemble and the tragic destiny of Ekaterininskiy Palace under fascist occupation. When you reach Pushkin, you’ll visit one of the most magnificent monuments of Baroque architecture style: Ekaterininskiy Palace.

The Palace sits in the centre of the beautiful architecture and park. The interiors are ornate and delicate with projects from the architects Rastrelli, Kameron, Stasov and Monigetti as you stroll around the numerous halls of the palace. You’ll get to admire the Italian hall, with an amazing collection of marble sculptures as well as the Greek hall, decorated with slender columns, scultures, elegant lamps and an art gallery to honour the tradition of the 18th century, when collections of Russian artists’ works were the pride of every palace.

The Palace is full of wonderful architectural monuments such as the Cold Russian Baths, the Agate room, Kameroon’s Gallery, Hermitage, Grotto, Upper and Down Baths, Mareyskaya and Chesmenskaya Columns and Kagulsky Obelisk. You can also enjoy the white marble structures dotted around this glorious rooms, including the famous Milkwoman with broken jug.

You’ll then move onto Pavlovsk, a stunning, regal palace and park, a summer residence of the Russian Emperor Paul I and his family, dating back to the late 18th century. Its architects were amongst the greatest of the period including Cameron, Brenna, Quarenghi, Voronikhin and Rossi. The landscape park is one of the largest in Europe, covering 600 hectares with beautiful greenery which is glorious in the sunshine.

The Palace’s collections were inspired by the journey of its owners through Europe in 1781. They visited workshops of many well-known artists acquiring paintings, furniture, bronze articles, silk fabircs and china sets as well as a number of antique sculptures from Italy and gifts from European royal courts. Many of these treasure are now on view for you to admire and enjoy, along with a number of portraits by Russian artists and a number of Pavlovsk landscape paintings.

After a long restoration, the ravishingly beautiful private rooms of Empress Maria Federovna, which were decorated by Quarenghi and Voronikhin, are again open to the public. This trip is a perfect day out to experience the glory of Russia’s royalty as well as its stunning artistic culture.

Excursion details

Location: Russia, St-Petersburg

Category: Culture and History

Duration: 7 hours

What’s included:

A local guide and any other fees including any museum entrance fees. Meals and transfers included only where stated


For groups of more than 6 people, price will be provided on application.

Restrictions: Unavailable on Tuesdays, Fridays, first and last Monday of each month – No Restrictions but involves walking.

Physical rating: Easy – Suitable for all

Guides available: English – German – Other languages are available though there maybe a price variation.