Trip to Bogd Khan National Park (2 nights)

“Bodg Khan Winter Palace, Ulan-Bator”

Delve fully into the history of Ulan-Bator

This trip takes you on a southern escape into the Bogd Khan National Park, via Zuunmod town, the centre of Tuv province.

On arrival, you’ll head to the ger camp for lunch, surrounded by beautiful larch trees as you feel at one with nature. Explore the scenery after a delicious meal as you wander on the forested hill where you can also admire the ruins of a monastery and visit a small museum to learn all about Mongolian history and architecture.

Manzushir Monastery was built in the 18th Century with about 21 Temple buildings when it was disastrously destroyed in 1937, leaving only the crumbling remains behind. You’ll feel at one with nature as you sleep beneath the stars in a ger camp.

The second day of this tour gives you some free time to wander in the national park as you have a full day to explore the mountains and the surrounding area before relaxing with a meal to finish off a historic, nature-filled escape and settling down to one final night in the countryside.

You’ll rise for one more breakfast before returning to the bustle of Ulan-Bator, but not forgetting the beauty and grace of the countryside experience.

Excursion details

Location: Mongolia, Ulan-Bator

Category: Culture and History

Duration: 48 hours

What’s included:

A local guide and any other fees including any museum entrance fees. Meals and transfers included only where stated


For groups of more than 6 people, price will be provided on application.

Restrictions: No restrictions but involves walking

Physical rating: Easy – Suitable for all

Guides available: English – German – Russian – Other languages are available though there maybe a price variation.