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We are proud to say that we are an award winning travel specialist, earning that title by ensuring that our travellers are equipped with everything they need to have the journey of a lifetime. Don’t believe us? Just take a look at our testimonials from some of our most valued travellers.

We have over 10 years’ experience in turning travel dreams into a reality, facilitating with processing visas, train tickets to fulfil the Trans-Siberian dream, and through our ready-made tours. We have proven time and time again, that we have what it takes to turn your journey into a memory you will never forget, and all of our excursions are specially selected with that in mind.

Our excursions are made for all types of interests, whether you are a historical enthusiast seeking to time travel through history, you can think of our excursions as somewhat of a time machine. If you are looking for an unforgettable trip across the Trans-Siberian, Trans-Mongolian, or Trans-Manchurian, you can find a long list of activities that will satisfy your taste for adventure.

Leave the boring stuff to us, we will take care of all the hard-work and planning, simply begin by putting your feet up, browse through our collection of hand-selected excursions, and then, when you see something you like, just hit the ‘request a tour button, fill in the details and one of our Travel Specialists will contact you. Get started by looking through our excursions catalogue.

Local guides

Woman with map
Through the eyes of a local

Our guides are local and passionate about exploring, they are experts in knowing where the heart of the action is, and are resourceful enough to get you there. There is a time and a place for venturing around Russia and the surrounding countries on your own, but if you want to experience it the way the locals do, then what better way is there?

Everything was absolutely perfect. The staff was very helpful and friendly!– Swen


Local life

Shaman Ceremony
Delve in to the lives of the Shamans

Whether you choose to have dinner with a local family, visit ancient villages, or test your skills in a culinary masterclass, many of our selected excursions are designed to make you feel as though you are living the local life.

Throughout my planning of the Trans-Siberian trip, the support staff at Real Russia have been astoundingly helpful. I would definitely recommend them.– Lucas


Heart of the action

Chinese Palace
Journey to the heart of the action

Not everyone can beat the queues, but our resourceful local guides know their cities better than anyone else, so they know when and how to get you up close and personal with all the major sights in and around the cities.

I have had a great experience with Real Russia. They have made organising a trip for four people who all live in different parts of the world much easier! Thank you for all your help, especially Doina.– Anabel

Off the beaten path

Man in front of mountain range
Discover the wonders of Siberia

In our catalogue you will find a selection of excursions designed to take you off the beaten path, to places where you can discover a wealth of cultural and historical gems hidden all around Russia, China and the Trans-Siberian, among them are ancient islands, hidden villages, treks, mountain hikes and many more.

Your service so far has been perfect. Prompt replies, answered all my questions, you have made booking the Trans Sib such an easy experience.– Claire