Yusupov Palace (by car)

“Yusupov Palace, St Petersburg”

Essential for history fans of all ages

This palace is a gorgeous old mansion on the Moika Embankment, build by some of the most fantastic architects, sculptors and artist from Russia’s 18th Century.

Originally belonging to Prince Shuvalov, the mansion was overbuilt in the 1760s and redesigned by the fantastic J.B. Vallen de la Mothe. Prince Yusupov became the owner of this astounding building in 1830 and added a new wing and rebuilt the gala rooms with the help of many famous architects such as I. Monigetti, A. Stepanov and A. Vaitens. The rooms have various decorative styles such as baroque, Empire style, Oriental style and neoclassicism.

The interiors are ornately designed with paintings, carvings, marble, mirrors, crystal chandeliers, silk and exquisite furniture. Not only is the palace an amazing monument to beautiful architecture but it is also an amazing part of history. In 1918, after the October Revolution, the Yusupov Palace was seized and the arts were sold and transmitted to the famous State Hermitage.

In 1958, the interior was damaged badly by a fire and it took several years to restore the rooms and halls. But in 1987, they opened the theatre of the palace to the public and it became home to the most amazing music concerts and literature.

Today, you can still admire the gorgeous interior as well as the deep basement history of this palace, one of the most exquisite places in St. Petersburg.

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