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The links and downloads listed in the section are provided for your convenience, these are web-sites that we believe will be of use to both the first time as well as seasoned traveller to Russia. As usual if you have any further questions or wish to suggest a site that we should list, please feel free to contact us.

BrochuresBrochure description
Trans Mongolian ToursTravelling between Moscow and Beijing via the Ural mountains onto Eurasia, Ulan Bator and the Gobi desert in Mongolia, a selection of incredible Trans-Mongolian tours.
Trans Russian ToursThese epic journeys take you from Moscow via Yekaterinburg, Irkutsk, the breathtaking Lake Baikal and the limitless steppe and endless forests of Siberia to Vladivostok on the Pacific coast, the original Trans-Siberian tours.
Trans Manchurian ToursBetween Moscow and Beijing enjoy the ever changing scenery as you are whisked through European Russia, passing the Ural Mountains into Siberia and Eurasia. Venturing deep into Asia, including the immense beauty of Lake Baikal and through the North East region of China, Manchuria. Download the tour brochure here.
Visa formsVisa form description
Belaus form

Belarus visa application form

Kazakh form

Kazakhstan visa application form

Mongolian form

Mongolian visa application form

Ukraine form

Ukraine visa application form

Vietnam form

Vietnam visa application form

The Russian and Chinese visa forms can only be completed and submitted online.

Apply for a Russian visa here

Apply for a Chinese visa here

Useful LinksLink description

Russian cities and regions guide

Free Russian download!

One of our favourite language learning software range from Transparent Systems, you learn by doing rather than by remembering. Download a free lite version here, a great way to get some basic words and phrases under your belt before you go. The full system has loads of activities including interactive conversations and games. Highly recommended. Learn how to listen, understand and speak Russian with Linguaphone language courses.

Our strategic partner in the USA who provide excellent and cost effective Russian visa services.

Columbus Insurance

Real Russia have teamed up with Columbus Direct, one of the UK’s largest travel insurance companies to provide great travel insurance at reasonable prices. These policies are also acceptable to the Russian consulate. Please ensure that you select the appropriate policy for your travel requirements.

Travel Insurance

More travel Insurance for Russia.

Reference linksLink description

Foreign and commonwealth country information on Russia, includes travel advice and links to the British Embassy and consulates in Russia.

The Moscow Times, an English language newspaper based in Moscow with sections on ex-pat activities, flats and jobs.

The main website of the Russian consulate in the UK, please note that there are many “scam” sites around – this however is the real one.

Another great independent resource for daily news, current and future events, business and law, culture, science and general information on regions, cities and people within Russia.

Probably to best independent on-line guide to Russia, contains information on life, language and all things Russian!

General LinksLink description

Download the popular Adobe acrobat program that allows to open PDF files. PDF files are almost the universal method of exchanging electronic documents on the internet and the Russian consulate visa application forms as well as many other documents are in this format.

A list of Russian Radio stations broadcasting on the internet, great for getting a taste of Russia before you arrive.

A website for travel agents and companies who wish to provide Russian train tickets.

A website that provides information and services on Russian visa support documents.

The web portal for “OOO East West Link” corporate website, our fully bonded specialist tour operator for incoming clients.

The web portal for “OOO East West Link” corporate website, our fully bonded specialist tour operator for incoming clients.