Have you arranged your travel insurance?

Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance is a holiday essential that will provide you with financial protection should unexpected events occur while you’re away.

Being on holiday should be relaxing. Travel insurance will cover you if things go wrong while you’re away.

Many people forget to buy a travel insurance policy, or decide not to bother – but if you’re one of them, you could be exposing yourself to thousands of pounds worth of potential costs should something unforeseen happen.

Travel insurance covers you for a range of problems that may arise while you’re travelling – from the catastrophic to the merely inconvenient.

A good policy will cover you for cancelling or cutting your holiday short in an emergency (such as sudden illness or bereavement), will pay out if your property is lost or stolen and will cover your medical expenses should you become injured or sick while on holiday.

This medical cover is a particularly important for anyone planning to visit a country with no state health service; for example, the United States of America. If you went on holiday there and broke your leg, the cost of hospital treatment and an air ambulance back to the UK could come to tens of thousands of pounds. There have even been cases of holidaymakers going bankrupt as a result of medical debts incurred while on holiday.

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