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Extended ‘Capital to Country’ Armenia Trekking Tour 


8-days in Armenia is not enough? Then, why not try our extended 10-day trek? Enjoy famous landmarks, temples, monasteries, and pristine lakes set in sublime mountain landscapes. Our 10-day extended tour gives you a bit more time to explore this fantastic country, with additional time in the Armenian countryside.

  • City tour of Yerevan

  • Discovering the Zorats Karer ‘Armenian Stonehenge’

  • Spectacular views from a suspended bridge over the Khndzoresk Gorge

  • Stopping at the Medieval cemetery, Noradouz

  • Stopping in the beautiful mountainous region of Dilijan

  • Trekking between Garni temple and the Azat Gorge



The capital of Armenia and its largest city, Yerevan has been occupied since the 8th century BC and is one of the oldest continuously occupied cities in the world. Although the city is known for its Soviet architecture, it has a vibrant cultural identity which it expresses through classical artistry, musical fountains, unique museums and its founding landmark, Erebuni Fortress.

Day 1

Arrival in Yerevan

Welcome to Yerevan! Your driver will meet you at your scheduled arrival point (airport / railway station) before taking you to your hotel for check-in.

  • Arrival Transfer

  • Free Time

  • Prominent Landscape

  • Scenic Surrounds

  • Souvenir Shopping

Day 2

City Tour of Yerevan

After a good night’s sleep breakfast will kick off your experience with a Yerevan city tour where you see some of the city’s most iconic landmarks including Republic Square, the Mother Armenia Monument, the President’s Palace and more.

  • Breakfast & Lunch

  • City Tour

  • Expert Guide

  • Republic Square

  • Mother Armenia Monument

  • Food & Drink Experience

  • Genocide Memorial and Museum

  • Cascade Complex of modern art

  • ARARAT Brandy Factory tour

Day 3

Trekking from Garni Temple to Azat Gorge

You will set out on the road to Garni, home of the mysterious Garni Temple. The temple is known to be the only remaining pagan temple in Armenia dating back to the 1st century AD and devoted to the Sun God Myrth. 

  • Breakfast & Lunch

  • Expert Guide

  • Walking Tour

  • Garni Temple

  • Azat Gorge

  • 13th century Havuts Tar Monastery

  • Food & Drink Experience

  • Cultural Immersive Experience

  • Scenic Surrounds

Day 4

Visit to the Khor Virap Church

You will start your day with breakfast before checking out of your hotel. You will set off on a drive to the Ararat Valley to visit the Khor Virap Church where you will see the best views of the biblical Mt Ararat and delve into the dungeon beneath.

  • Breakfast & Lunch

  • Ararat Valley

  • Expert Guide

  • Khor Virap Monastery

  • Vayots Dzor region

  • Walking Tour

  • Noravank Monastery

  • Arpa Parnas winery

  • Food & Drink Experience

Travel to


A small town and centre of the urban community of Sisian in southern Armenia, Sisian has a long history dating back to the 8th century BC, where it was first mentioned as a significant centre of paganism within the Urartu Kingdom. After the fall of the Kingdom of Syunik in the 12th century, the territory would be occupied by many competing empires including the Seljuk and Mongols until it formed part of the Persian Empire in the early 16th century. Following the independence of Armenia from Russia in 1991, Sisian was incorporated into the newly formed Syunik Province.

Day 5

Crossing the Vorotanskoye Gorge

After breakfast, you will check out of your hotel in Sisian and start your day with a trip to the village of Hin Khot before traversing the beautiful landscapes to Hin Shinuhayr. You will continue your journey to Hin Halidzor and head up to Nor Halidzor, where you will reach the Tatev observation point, here you will get to see spectacular panoramic views of the area before crossing the Vorotanskoye Gorge.

  • Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

  • Trip to village of Hin Khot

  • Trek to Hin Shinuhayr

  • Trek to Hin Halidzor

  • Trek to Nor Halidzor

  • Tatev observation point

  • Crossing Vorotanskoye Gorge

  • Arrival Transfer

  • Scenic Surrounds

Travel to


An urban town situated in Syunik Province to the south of Armenia, Goris, occupies a prominent position on the valley of the Goris River and is the second largest city in the region. The town has been occupied by many different groups over its long history, from King Rusa I of Urartu in 8th century BC, through to Persian rule, and later Russian rule before its eventual independence in the 20th century. The town has retained elements of its past including the stone-pyramids of Old Kores.

Day 6

Visting Zorats Karer, the ‘Armenian Stonehenge’

After breakfast, you will start your day with a drive to the amazing Zorats Karer, known as the ‘Armenian Stonehenge’. This 7500-year-old observatory was used as a means of predicting lunar cycles and star alignments.

  • Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

  • Zorats Karer Monastery

  • Private Tour

  • Scenic Surrounds

  • Souvenir Shopping

  • Free Time

Travel to


A quaint village nestled in the Vayots Dzor Province of Armenia, Yeghegis, has a rich cultural heritage and is home to many medieval buildings including Zorats Church, the Tsakhats Kar Monastery and a nearby Jewish cemetery. Yeghegis has endured a tumultuous past with neighbouring Azerbaijan, most notably the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict which saw the exodus of the Azerbaijani population of the village.

Day 7

Trekking to Tsakhats Kar Monastery

After breakfast, you will check out of your hotel before driving to Artabuyn. Here you will start your 6-hour trek to Tsakhats Kar, a beautiful, ruined monastery over the valley of Yeghéguis. Your trek will continue to Smbataberd, (located to the southeast of Artabuink village) where you will enjoy spectacular views over the village.

  • Breakfast & Dinner

  • Walking Tour

  • Expert Guide

  • Trip to Artabuyn

  • 6-hour trek to Tsakhats Kar

  • Trek to Smbataberd

  • Zorats Church

  • Scenic Surrounds

Travel to

Hermon village

A quaint village in the Yeghegis Municipality of the Vayots Dzor Province in Armenia, Hermon Village, is situated high in the Armenian mountains. The village was previously inhabited by Azerbaijanis before the outbreak of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict which led to the exodus of the population. The village is known to be the monastic centre of the 9th century “Hermoni Vank”.

Day 8

Trekking to the Armaghan volcano

After breakfast you will check out of your hotel and proceed across the Selim pass route with a stop to visit the Caravanserail built in 1332 by Prince Orbélian.

  • Breakfast & Dinner

  • Trek to Armaghan volcano

  • Selim pass route

  • Visit the Caravanserail

  • 7-hour trek

  • Incredible views of Sevan Lake

  • Trip to Noradouz

  • Transfer to Chkalovka

  • Expert Guide

Travel to

Chkalovka village

A quaint village situated in the Gegharkunik Province of Armenia, Chkalovka Village was founded by Russians who emigrated from the regions around the Volga and Saratov regions in the first half of the 19th century. The village has been renamed several times over the years, and was previously known as Aleksandrovka and Zeynalagali, before being named in honour of test pilot Valeri Chkalov.

Day 9

Hiking around Dilijan Mountain Resort

After breakfast, you will check out of your hotel in Chkalovka. Your driver will pick you up from the hotel before taking you back to Yerevan.

  • Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

  • Expert Guide

  • Walking Tour

  • Dilijan mountain resort

  • Lake Sevan

  • 5-hour hike to Goshavank

  • Scenic Surrounds

Day 10

Departure from Yerevan

After breakfast, you will check out of your hotel in Yerevan. Your driver will pick you up from the hotel and take you to your scheduled departure point (airport / railway station).

  • Breakfast

  • Departure Transfer

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