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Lernidee Trains and Cruises have been offering extraordinary tours across Europe and Asia for more than 30 years, presenting some of the best, and most popular rail tours around. Selecting only the best trains available, such as the Zarengold (Tsars Gold) on the Trans-Siberian railway, you can be sure of an experience like no other when travelling with Lernidee.

Lernidee pride themselves on taking you to ‘unknown corners’ and helping you to ‘rediscover classic destinations’. Lernidee have made their name by selecting unique and unusual travel itineraries and making them among the best available.

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Tsar's Gold Trans-Siberian tours

Browse our range of spectacular Trans-Siberian tours brought to you by Tsar’s Gold. Experience Russia from the edge of your seat and uncover unique cities and awe-inspiring landscapes along the way.

Introducing the Tsars Gold