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  • All relevant Trans-Siberian, Trans-Mongolian and Trans-Manchurian rail tickets

  • Transfers for all departures and arrivals at each city

  • A transfer with a personal guide to accompany you to the train on the start of your journey

  • Breakfast at all hotels, homestays and other accommodation

  • Russian Tourist Visa Invitation



Russia’s official capital, Moscow, is the political and religious heart of the country. The city has the highest density of billionaires, is the world’s most populated inland city and boasts six out of Europe’s ten tallest buildings. It continues to be a major tourist destination in Europe growing year on year with famous attractions including Red Square, St Basil’s Cathedral, and the Kremlin.

Day 1

Arrival in Moscow

Arrival in Moscow, with a transfer to the centrally located 4* Park Inn Hotel, just a short walk from Red Square and the Kremlin.

Day 2

Moscow: City Tour with Kremlin and Cathedrals

You will be met bright and early by our expert guide who will provide an overview of your day in Moscow, and any questions about the day you may have will be answered. You will then embark on a four-hour walking tour of the fortified complex known as the Kremlin, with the Tsar Bell and Tsar Cannon as well as famous Cathedrals on Sobornaya Square followed by Red Square and Alexander Garden. After the Kremlin and Cathedrals, your guide will take you on a three-hour city tour by car, which will include a visit to Sparrow Hills, driving by The Cathedral of the Christ the Savior, New Maidens Convent, Moscow State University and many other famous sights of Moscow.

  • Breakfast & Lunch

Day 3

Free Day in Moscow

You will have a free day to explore, discover and experience everything the Russian capital has to offer.

  • Breakfast

Day 4

Depart Moscow

The majority of the day is free, allowing you to relax and explore Moscow, or take an optional excursions. You will need to prepare to check out at 12 noon and be ready for your transfer to the railway station later in the afternoon. You will be provided with a transfer to the railway station, where our guide will advise, and assist, in purchasing provisions for the train if desired, accompany you to the platform, ensure that everyone is settled into their cabins and answer any last-minute questions.

  • Breakfast

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Yekaterinburg stands close to the divide between Russia and Kazakhstan and is known as the ‘window on Asia’ due to its close proximity to the border. The city is commonly referred to as Russia’s ‘third capital’ as it is ranked third for tourism, transport, and economic size. It holds crucial significance in Russian History as the final resting place of the Romanov dynasty.

Day 5

Arrival in Yekaterinburg

You will arrive into Yekaterinburg, and will be provided with a transfer to take you to the 4* Four Elements Hotel and assist with check-in.

Day 6

Yekaterinburg Excursion

A full day tour will include touring around the historic city centre, visiting sites such as the ‘1905’ Square, the Isset River Dam, and the Church on the Blood of All Russian Saints. You will have the chance to sample the famous Ural Pelmeni and other Siberian cuisine at lunch before continuing on to visit the Europe/Asia border marker outside the city. To reach it you will travel along a part of the ‘Great Siberian Trek’ used for hundreds of years to transport exiles from Europe to Siberia and you will visit the memorial of political repression en-route.

  • Breakfast & Lunch

Day 7

Free Day in Yekaterinburg

You will have the whole day to investigate, explore, and experience the historic city of Yekaterinburg in your own time, or book one of our many optional excursions.

  • Breakfast

Day 8

Depart Yekaterinburg

Your train will leave early in the morning for the eastern foothills of the Ural Mountains, ultimately heading to Irkutsk, home to one of the world’s greatest natural treasures, the awesome Lake Baikal! But first weave your way through the Siberian plane via Novosibirsk.

  • Breakfast

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Stretching 5772 miles from Moscow to the naval port of Vladivostok in Russia’s Far East, the Trans-Siberian is Russia’s principal railway route. The original route was constructed in the 20th century and has since been expanded to include several new branches to Ulaanbaatar, Harbin, and Beijing, via the Trans-Mongolian and Trans-Manchurian railways.

Day 9

Heading into Asia

Enjoy your day on the train, travelling along the seemingly limitless tracks, and through the incredible forests of Siberia, you will pass the mighty Altai region, crossing the River Yenisei at Krasnoyarsk, before heading deep into Asia.

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A small settlement on the Western shore of Lake Baikal, Listvyanka is a highly popular tourist area known for its distinct local culture, fish market, and breathtaking hiking trails that venture around the edges of the lake. The settlement was formed near the point where the Angara River leaves Lake Baikal and is home to the Baikal Museum, with dedicated exhibits to the fauna and wildlife that can be found in the area.

Day 10

Arrival in Irkutsk

Following your early arrival in Irkutsk, you will be taken to Listvyanka village on the shores of Lake Baikal. After checking in at the 3* Mayak Hotel you will visit the fascinating Museum of Wooden Architecture, containing unique and historic wooden structures donated from all over Russia. Then back to Listvyanka village via the famous Shaman rock. The day is rounded off with a traditional Baikal dinner and by indulging in an optional sauna in the village ‘Banya’.

  • Dinner

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Irkutsk is one of the largest cities in Siberia and the most important hub for tourism in the Lake Baikal region. As opposed to many of the more industrially shaped cities in Siberia, Irkutsk has a long history as a cultural centre and has been home to scientists, writers, artists, and political activists such as the Decembrists. It is also a key destination on the Trans-Siberian Railway.

Day 11

Select From Three Excursions

You have the choice of three tours.


A full day trip around Lake Baikal, including a ferry ride and journey on the famous Circum-Baikal Railroad. The tour stops at some of the most picturesque places en-route, so that you can experience the flora and fauna of this unique area, before heading back to Irkutsk.


A visit to a Buryat settlement (a community indigenous to Siberia, related to the Mongols), 70 km from Irkutsk on the remote Siberian plain. Here you can take part in many activities, such as visiting the local lore museum, experiencing the local greeting ceremony, meeting the Shaman to be ‘cleansed” and visiting a Yurt to sample local teas and take part in a traditional feast.


An escorted tour of the local Baikal Museum and aquarium, featuring animals that are exclusive to the legendary lake, including the famous Baikal seal. A chair lift ride will take you to a point offering panoramic views of the lake, with lunch in a local restaurant followed by a visit to a Russian Orthodox Church. Finally you will have the opportunity to explore a local fish market with all its hustle, bustle and colour – something not to be missed.

You can choose to spend one more night in Irkutsk on request.

Day 12

Irkutsk Excursion

You will be taken on a brief city tour of Irkutsk by car, taking in the most interesting sights, including beautiful Russian Orthodox churches, the Polish Cathedral (the only Siberian Gothic-style building), houses decorated with ‘wooden laces’ (hand-made carvings), as well as modern constructions and the Decembrists’ House. You will stay in Irkutsk at the centrally located 4 * Marriott Courtyard Hotel.

  • Breakfast

Day 13

Depart Irkutsk

Following a morning transfer to the railway station, you will catch the train to Vladivostok. Once through Ulan-Ude, the home of Russian Buddhism and capital of the local Buryat Republic, the train skirts along the Mongolian borders and heads east.

  • Breakfast

Day 14

Siberian Hinterlands

You will spend the day on the train and, after a brief stop at Chita, the train heads onwards to Birobidzhan, and winds through the Siberian hinterlands and along the border with China.

Day 15

Into the Far East

Your last full day on the train takes you through Khabarovsk, the largest city and the administrative centre of a vast region, which is twice the size of Germany with a population of just over 1 million people. It is the second largest city in the Far East after Vladivostok and home of many natural wonders including the famous White Siberian Tiger.

Travel to


The administrative centre of Primorsky Krai, Vladivostok meaning ‘Rule in the East’ in Russian, is situated in the far east of Russia around Golden Horn Bay. The city is famous for its harbour location as the home port of the Russian Pacific Fleet and being the final stop on the Trans-Siberian Railway. Tourists are attracted to its many military sites left over from the Russo-Japanese War and the beautiful Russky Island.

Day 16

Arrive in Vladivostok

Passing through rocky foothills to approach the Pacific coast, you will arrive in Vladivostok in the afternoon where your transfer will take you to your hotel.

Where you can stay

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