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What are Trans-Siberian trains like?

Trains can vary a lot based on the class you are travelling, the age of the train, and the train provider. Each train has its own style and quirks that become part of the adventure that is long-distance rail travel.

You may find differences you didn’t quite expect, such as heating for the train! Efficiency of the heating will depend on the age of the train and is entirely down to the carriage attendant’s discretion, who may be used to different temperatures than you. We recommend packing a variety of clothes to prepare and reading up on other traveller’s experiences. 

If you’re unsure of the amenities available on the trains you have booked, feel free to check with our travel specialists so you’re fully prepared before travelling. You’ll find the amenities available on the train will vary depending on which class you have booked. In second class there will be more available plug sockets than in third class for instance, although there may still only be one or two per carriage.

One of the biggest, and most exciting, variances on the Trans-Siberian is the people you’ll meet, from locals taking the train across the country to other travellers from all over the world. 

You can find travel guides written by travel writer Matthew Woodward on some of the Trans-Siberian’s most famous trains here:

Train 001/002 – Life onboard the ‘Rossiya’

Train 003/004 – Life onboard the Trans-Mongolian train

Train 19/20 – Life onboard the ‘Vostock’

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