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The Trans-Siberian is a network of railways that connect Europe to Asia through Siberia and span over a third of the globe. These world famous routes can nowadays be extended on to St. Petersburg, Helsinki or even down into Belarus, Ukraine, the Baltic states and onto Europe in the west, or, to Hong Kong, Shanghai, Vietnam, Tibet and beyond in the east. The Trans-Siberian really is “travel without limits”.

Trans Siberian Routes

Introducing the Trans-Siberian routes

There are three epic Trans-Siberian routes, all pass through Siberia and all start or end in Europe and Asia. Over the years we have developed a series of tours for each route that allow you to explore, discover and experience this fascinating trans-continental journey without compromise.


The traditional Trans-Siberian (Trans-Russian) train route was started in the late 19th century and was completed at the turn of the 20th century. This awe-inspiring train route will provide a true authentic insight into Russian culture away from the cosmopolitan cities of the West, beginning in Moscow and ending at Vladivostok in the far east of Russia.

Route: Moscow – Vladivostok.

Journey length: 6 nights.

Suitable for: Travellers looking to learn more about Russian culture and wanting the authentic Trans-Siberian experience.


Trans-Siberian train crossing the Amur River



Trans-Mongolian train passing Ulaanbaatar

The Trans-Mongolian is an extension of the traditional Trans-Siberian train route passing through the Mongolian heartlands via the capital, Ulaanbaatar. The Mongolian leg of this journey allows travellers to explore a relatively underrated part of the world, taking in iconic locations such as the capital of the Khans, Karakorum, the beautiful lake Khuvsgul and the awe-inspiring Gobi Desert.

Route: Moscow – Ulaanbaatar – Beijing.

Journey length: 6 nights.

Suitable for : Travellers wishing to explore Mongolia and take in this country’s rich heritage.


The Trans-Manchurian is an alternative to the traditional Trans-Siberian train route, travelling from Moscow to Beijing. This train journey allows you to travel to the heart of China, while enjoying the unique changes in scenery from the Mongolian deserts to the lush green mountainous areas of Northern China.

Route: Moscow – Beijing.

Journey length: 6-7 nights (dependent on train).

Suitable for: Travellers looking to explore China by train.


Trans-Manchurian train in Northern China

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