The Trans-Manchurian

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Trans-Manchurian Timetable

The Trans-Manchurian as it is today is partially comprised of the original route of the Trans-Siberian railway, running as it does from Moscow, through the Manchuria region of China and onto Beijing running to 8961km.

The original Trans-Siberian line was not constructed entirely in Russia to begin with, but through north-east China on a thin, 1400km long strip of land leased to the Russian government. This section was begun in 1897 and completed four years later, at great cost, in 1901. Throughout its turbulent history this section of track has been under the control of Russia, Japan and China. Because of this, the main Trans-Siberian was moved entirely within Russia in the early 1900’s and from 1957 the line became part of the Chinese rail network.

Passing through much of Siberia on its way to China, the Trans-Manchurian makes stops in cities such as YekaterinburgNovosibirskIrkutsk and Harbin, and passes by, or through, the wonderful scenery of the Ural Mountains, Lake Baikal and the Manchurian Plain.

While there are many trains that travel along all, or part, of this route we have put together a selection of the most popular trains with many of the most popular destinations; travelling both west and east. For a more comprehensive schedule of the many different destinations and trains along this route, please visit our Trans-Siberian Journey Planner.

Each table shows which stations these select trains stop at on their journey. For further information on any train, select its row, and you will see, for each station:

  • It’s transit time to that station
  • Arrival time at that station
  • Which day of travel you arrive
  • How long the train will be standing at that station
  • What time you depart
  • The day of travel you depart

Further, by following the links to the left, you will find information on each train (including their average prices), the type of train it is, the carriage classes that are available and its schedule.

All times for stations within Russia are based on Moscow Time as is standard for Russian Railways timetables. All times for stations in Mongolia and China are based on local time.

Moscow - Beijing timetable

Moscow   Moscow Nizhni Novgorod Kirov Perm Yekaterinburg Tyumen Omsk Novosibirsk Krasnoyarsk Irkutsk Ulan-Ude Chita Zabaykalsk Border Crossing Manchuria Harbin Beijing
  Km 0 461 917 1,397 1,778 2,104 2,676 3,303 4,065 5,153 5,609 6,166 6,626   6,638 7,573 8,961
MT+ 0 0 0 2 2 2 3 3 4 5 5 6 6 4 4 4
If you would like to have a copy you can take with you, we have created a PDF copy for you to print out and keep.

Beijing - Moscow timetable

Train Details   Beijing Harbin Manchuria Border Crossing Zabaykalsk Chita Ulan-Ude Irkutsk Krasnoyarsk Novosibirsk Omsk Tyumen Yekaterinburg Perm Kirov Nizhni Novgorod Moscow
  Km 0 1,388 2,323   2,335 2,795 3,352 3,808 4,896 5,658 6,285 6,857 7,183 7,564 8,044 8,500 8,961
MT+ 4 4 4 6 6 5 5 4 3 3 2 2 2 0 0 0
If you would like to have a copy you can take with you, we have created a PDF copy for you to print out and keep.

Further information

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