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How to read a Belarus Visa

This guide is designed to help you read the important information on your Belarus Visa though is by no means exhaustive.

Below is an image of a blank visa with each field numbered and typical items briefly explained.

You will find your own Belarus visa attached to a page in your passport, though yours will have all of the fields filled in with your personal details.

You can download the PDF files for Belarus visa explanation here.

Belarus Visa

Belarus Visa

  1. Surname, nameYour first and last name will be written here, along with any second names you may have provided. Please check for correct spelling. Also note that the visa will display your name in the following format:[Last Name] [First Name] [Second Names]
  2. Valid fromThe date your visa was issued on.
  3. Valid untilThe date shown specifies when the visa will expire. The visa holder can enter Belarus any day within the validity of the visa, i.e. anytime from the date of issue until midnight on the day it expires. Please note that Belarusian visas are always issued according to your official visa support document (invitation), therefore the dates of validity reflect the dates on your visa support document.
  4. Number of entriesThis refers to the number of times the visa holder is permitted to enter and leave Belarus within the validity period of the visa.
    1 single entry visa.
    2 double entry visa.
    M multi-entry visa.
  5. Duration of stayThis refers to the maximum number of days a visa holder can stay in Belarus during each visit. For a transit visa, it is always two days. For other visas, it varies and is dependant on the information specified in the visa support document.
  6. Issued inThis specifies the city your visa was issued in. We process the visas through the London consulate. Therefore, this field should always read ‘GBR1’.
  7. Date of issueThe date your visa was issued on.
  8. Passport numberThis will match the passport number which the visa is attached to. Please make sure this is correct.
  9. Type of visa
    B Transit visa.
    C Short-term visa. Valid for up to 90 days.
    D Long-term visa. Valid for up to 1 year with the right to stay up to 90 days, unless otherwise stipulated by the international treaties of the Republic of Belarus.
  10. Accompanied byUsually shows ‘XXX’.
  11. RemarksConfirms the consular fee and purpose of visit which is written in Belarussian, common examples include:
    Туризм Tourism
    трансит Transit
    дзелавыя стасункi Business
  12. StampAll Belarusian visas must be stamped in order to be valid. If your visa is returned to you without a stamp please contact us immediately as the visa will be unusable.
  13. MRZThis string of characters is encrypted for use by electronic passport scanners and can sometimes include misspellings of names. This is caused by translating between different alphabets and is nothing to be worried about.

Please Note

We take great care when processing your visa, however, once your passport is returned to you, you should confirm all the details are correct and the visa is suitable for your needs before you travel. Incorrect visa details could result in you being denied entry to Belarus. If you believe any of the information is incorrect or have any questions regarding the use of your visa then please contact us as soon as possible and we will be happy to help.