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How to read a Kazakhstan Visa

This guide is designed to help you read the important information on your Kazakhstan Visa though is by no means exhaustive.

Below is an image of a blank visa with each field numbered and typical items briefly explained.

You will find your own Kazakhstan visa attached to a page in your passport, though yours will have all of the fields filled in with your personal details.

You can download the PDF files for Kazakh visa explanation here.

Kazakhstan Visa Explained

1. Place of issue

This code specifies where your visa was issued in. We deal with all Kazakhstan visa applications through the Kazakhstan consulate in London, therefore this field should always read “GBR01”.

2. Entries

This refers to a number of times the visa holder is permitted to enter and leave Kazakhstan within the validity period of the visa.

1 Single entry visa
2 Double entry visa
3 Triple entry visa
Multiple Multi-entry visa

3. Valid from

This part confirms the start date of your visa which designates the very first day that you can enter Kazakhstan.

4. Valid until

This is the date of expiry of your visa which stands for the very last day that you can leave Kazakhstan.

5. Category


Transit visa


Tourist visa

D1 – D8

Business visa

*There are 8 different categories depending on the specific purpose of your visit

6. Inviting organisation

The name of the accredited organisation that sponsor your visa that supplied the visa invitation. If there was no visa invitation supplied with the visa application then this will read ‘прк в лондоне’.

7. Date of issue

The date your visa was issued on.

8. Additional information

The Consulate may put any information that they find appropriate which is specific to you. However, this part is usually left blank.

9. Accompanied by

Usually blank.

10. Name – Given name

Your names will be written here matching those in your passport. Please check for correct spelling. Also note that the visa will display your name in the following format:

[Last Name] [First Name] [Second Names]

Surname and then the first name and middle name. Please check whether your name has been spelled correctly.

11. Passport number

This will match the passport number which the visa is attached to. Please make sure this is correct.

12. Fee

This is the consular visa fee.

13. Signature and surname

All Kazakhstan visas must be signed in order to be valid. If your visa is returned to you without the signature please contact us immediately as the visa will be unusable. The visa will confirm the surname of person who signed it.

Please note

We take great care when processing your visa, however, once your passport is returned to you, you should confirm all the details are correct and the visa is suitable for your needs before you travel. Incorrect visa details could result in you being denied entry to Kazakhstan if you do not qualify for visa-free status.

If you believe any of the information is incorrect or have any questions regarding the use of your visa then please contact us as soon as possible and we will be happy to help.