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Real Russia can help to obtain visas required by UK citizens and many foreign nationals wishing to visit Mongolia. We offer three basic types of service depending on the purpose of your visit (tourist, business or transit), how long you need the visa to be valid for and how many times you expect to visit Mongolia within the dates the visa is valid.

By using our online Mongolian visa application service, you can be confident that all hidden fees are taken care of, meaning the price you see is the price you pay! What’s more, you do not have to book a flight, visit the Mongolian Consulate yourself, or provide your own visa support documents.

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Included in the price for a Mongolian visa application:

  • Consular tariffs for both entry and exit visa charges.
  • Consular processing charges
  • Delivery, collection and management of your application at the Consulate by our staff.
  • Expert support from our team.
  • Peace of mind!

Optional extras:

  • Central London courier delivery the day your visa is ready.
  • Royal Mail Special Delivery of your passport and Mongolian visa back to you (UK only).
  • £2,500 of consequential loss postal insurance (UK mainland only).

What is a Mongolian tourist visa?

A Mongolian tourist visa is used to visit Mongolia for tourist or leisure purposes and will allow you to enter the country once or twice during a period of up to 30 days on each visit during the visa’s 90-day validity period. The visa is valid from the day the visa application has been lodged with the Consulate.

What is a Mongolian business visa?

Mongolian business visas are issued to travellers visiting Mongolia for official or private business including negotiations, company meetings and business conferences. A Mongolian business visa may be issued for a single or double entry within a validity period of 90 days after lodging your visa application, or multiple entries over six or twelve months.

What is a Mongolian transit visa?

A Mongolian transit visa is required by people travelling or transiting through Mongolia to a third country without stopping their journey en route, for example when going from China via Mongolia to Russia by train. Mongolian transit visas are valid over 90 days after your application has been lodged with the consulate, but your transit through the country should take no longer than three days during this period.

Please note: You cannot use a transit visa when returning into the country from which you entered Mongolia and you should not use it if you plan to stop in Mongolia. In these cases please use a tourist visa.

How can I pay for my visa?


You have several options to pay for your visa including:

How do I read my visa?

Please see the following guide for more information: Reading a Mongolian visa

Can I deliver my passport and collect my visa from your office in person?

Yes, of course you can, we have an office in central London and we will be happy to see you and assist with your application if needed. If you intend to deliver an application in person or collect your passport and visa we are open for collection and deliveries during the following times.

Please note: Our London Office is temporarily closed. Our team will continue to support our clients via email on or via phone on 0207 100 4981.

Passport Collection and Delivery times
Monday, Wednesday and Friday 10.00 GMT 13.00 GMT
Saturday Closed Closed
Bank / public holidays (unless advised otherwise) 10:00 – 13:00 GMT

Visa applications received by our office after 13.00pm on weekdays or on UK bank holidays will not start to be processed until the following working day.

Do you have any questions?

If you are completing your Mongolian visa application with us we will tell you all you need to know, however if you have any questions about the process or would like to know more, please see our dedicated Mongolian visa FAQs page for more information.