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UK Visas Services

Real Russia is a leading travel agency, an award winning and experienced team of specialists, committed to providing efficient, effective, and professional visa services. Our team are dedicated to assisting Russian nationals who are seeking to obtain a UK visa.

Our team understands that applying for a UK Visa can be a complex process. Our devotion to delivering effective solutions, to ensure accuracy during the application process, as well as the outstanding relationships we have developed with various consulates, are some of the reasons why thousands of customers trust us.

With over 10 years’ experience, we have the know-how in all areas regarding visas. We specialise in the following UK visas: 

  • Standard visas (general, family and business)
  • Short term study visas
  • Visas for spouses, partners, fiancés and their dependants 

 To begin the application process, choose from one of the following options:

7% of visa refusals occur due to applicant’s misinterpretation of the type of visa they require. For £75 per hour, we offer an initial consultation to help identify the type of visa that is right for you. Every minute of the consultation is invaluable in preparing the applicant and the sponsor for what is to come, as well as to provide information and support, minimising the chance that your application will be refused.

The consultation provides the applicant and sponsor, the opportunity to discuss the application process, and allow us to ease any concerns you may have prior to commencing your application, taking into consideration the applicant’s personal circumstances.

  • Your initial consultation can be tailored to your schedule; you can choose to spread your one hour consultation over two or more sessions, at a time to suit you.
  • Our specialist visa team are multi-lingual, and are happy to speak to you via your preferred communication method; whether that be email, telephone, skype or other online voice call services.
  • Our visa specialists can prepare answers to any questions you may have before your consultation, in order to more effectively use the hour consultation period, simply email us at
  • After your consultation, our visa specialist will send you a record of the consultation for you to refer back to if you are unclear on any aspect of the application process.

Our highly trained visa specialists acknowledge the trust you are imparting in them. With that in mind, we aim to deliver personalised services throughout the entire application process. If you need realistic and useful advice, our experts will put your mind at ease and point you in the right direction.

Most visa refusals are a result of inadequate documentation, and, on occasion applications are refused for minor mistakes, such as supplying a lack of supporting documents or vice versa. Our visa specialist will check to ensure that your application is complete and correct; their attention to details maximises the chance that your application will be successful. The cost for checking documents is as follows: 

  • £50.00 for visitor visa
  • £85.00 for settlement visa

Our process for preparing the document pack:

  • You will receive a clear checklist, outlining all the compulsory documents required to support your application. 
  • We arrange for you to securely dispatch original documents, or scanned/printed copies to one of our offices. Please note that where it comes to the original documents, an extra costs for delivery are involved. 
  • After we have received all the required documentation and supporting materials, we will perform a thorough assessment to check if your documents are complete and accurate. 
  • If necessary, our visa specialists will provide you with further recommendations to ensure your application has the best chance of success.

We recognise that for most people seeking a UK Visa, English is not their first language. Because of this, we strive to provide applicants with as much support as possible, making certain that the application is completed as accurately as possible.

Real Russia can offer the following services to assist in giving your application the greatest chance of success:

  • £30.00 – Our visa specialists will accurately complete the online visa application on the applicant’s behalf, providing that the applicant notes all the information required by completing a short and clear questionnaire in Russian.
  • £10.00 per page – Translation into English of standard documents.
  • £15.00 per page – Translation into English of all non-standard documents (contact our specialists for more information).

The application process for obtaining a UK Visa requires Russian nationals to provide biometric data at the Visa Application Centre in Moscow. We appreciate how challenging this process is, particularly for those who have to travel a long way to visit Moscow, or those who may be visiting the capital for the first time. We take all circumstances into consideration, and our visa specialists do their very best to ensure that your application stands the best chance of success by providing on-going support.

For £40.00 Real Russia can assist you in the following ways: 

  • Our team of visa specialist can assist you with your travel arrangements (return tickets to Moscow by rail or air, accommodation, transfers and any other travel services you may require).
  • Our visa specialists will help you prepare for your appointment at the Visa Application Centre, making sure that you have the necessary information and documents required. 
  • Our visa specialists will accompany the applicant to the Visa Application Centre to make sure they arrive on time, and to offer support if required. 
  • We will track the progress of your application and will keep you informed during each step of the application process.  
  • Once a decision has been made regarding the status of the application, we will collect your visa and passport on your behalf, and we can either arrange a time for you to collect it from our Moscow office, or organise a courier to deliver your documents securely to an agreed address, at an additional cost of £30.00-£40.00 depending on the region (please contact us for more information).

Use Real Russia’s Full Service and have an experienced visa specialist administer the entire application process on the applicant’s behalf.  

We have assisted with thousands of visa applications over the last ten years, and we understand the process can be both difficult and daunting. If you prefer a more direct approach, our Full Service has been created to save you time and money, as it includes all the services described above at a more cost-effective price.

From the very start of your application, we take your personal circumstances into consideration and provide you with the opportunity to discuss the application process in a consultation with one of our visa specialist. 

To make certain that you stand the best chance of obtaining an approved visa, we will provide you with a full outline of the documentation required, coordinate the collation of supporting documents between you (the sponsor) and the applicant, and perform a quality check on your application to ensure chances of refusal are minimised. We will also complete and submit your application on the consulate’s website, cover the consulate fees, and then arrange your appointment for the biometric data collection. 

Should you require further support, our visa experts are on hand to assist you with travel arrangements, and once you arrive in Moscow, will accompany you to the Visa Application Centre. Once you have placed your application with the Visa Application Centre, our specialists will track the progress of your application, collect your documents when a decision has been made regarding the status of your visa, and arrange for your documents to be securely delivered to you. 

The prices for our Full Visa service are shown below. The prices include all consular fees, health care surcharges (compulsory for settlement visas), and our service fees.

Type of VisaConsultation duration
6 months Standard Visitor visa (tourist, private)1£235.00
2 year Standard Visitor visa (tourist, private)1£520.00
5 year Standard Visitor visa (tourist, private)1£835.00
10 year Standard Visitor visa (tourist, private)1£1,015.00
Transit visa1£175.00
Visitor visa for business (6 months) 1.5£260.00
Visitor visa for business (2 years) 1.5£545.00
Visitor visa for business (5 years) 1.5£860.00
Visitor visa for business (10 years) 1.5£1,040.00
Short Term Study visa (6 months) 1.5£285.00
Short Term Study visa (11 months) 1.5£305.00
Visit for marriage for 6 months2£260.00
Fiancé visa2.5£1,875.00
Spouse visa3£3,770.00
A visa for parents dependant on a settled person3.5£5,570.00
A visa for a child dependant on a settled person3.5£3,795.00
EEA Family member2£215.00

For long term visitor visas of two, five and ten years, and for prices in Roubles, US Dollars, and Euros, contact our visa team for a quote. 

Prices exclude the cost of your letter of invitation (should one be required), as well as the translation of documents, and the cost of delivery. Our consultation process has been created to provide you with sufficient time for all your questions to be answered, please refer to the table above if you are unclear of the duration of our consultations. Although highly improbable, should you require an additional hour to discuss the application process in more detail, a fee of £50 will be charged.

What is the procedure?

Once you have registered for us to assist you in applying for a UK Visa, we will contact you within 12 working hours. Our visa specialists will take you through the application process and provide you with information regarding the next step of the process. When you have confirmed your requested services, our visa specialist will send you a link to a secure portal to complete the payment for the services that you have requested, via your preferred payment method (see payment option below).

We will arrange your consultation at a time that is convenient to the applicant and you (the sponsor). Should you request a document preparation pack, our visa specialists will provide you with a personalised checklist, outlining the documents required to support your application.

After all supporting documents are received by our visa team, our specialist will check all documentation and supporting materials for accuracy, as well provide recommendations if necessary. The applicant will be asked to complete a short questionnaire in Russian, which our visa specialists will use as a guideline when completing the visa application form on the consulate’s website.

If you have requested the Full Service, our dedicated visa specialists will manage the entire application process on the applicant’s behalf, including completing and submitting the application form on the consulate’s website, cover the consulate fees, arrange for the applicant to enrol their biometric data at the Visa Application Centre, as well as assist the applicant with travel arrangements if required.

Once you have registered your biometric data and the visa application has been submitted, the Visa Application Centre will provide a unique reference number, enabling us to track the progress of your application.

We understand how unnerving the process of obtaining a UK visa can be. In view of that, our specialists will keep you informed throughout the entire process, and will notify you and the applicant immediately once a decision has been made, with one of three of the following outcomes:

  1. The applicant’s visa has been successfully issued: we can arrange a time for you to collect your visa and your passport with a visa from our Moscow Office, or organise a courier to deliver your documents securely to an agreed address.
  2. The visa application has been “refused entry clearance” (was unsuccessful): the Visa Application Centre will provide an overview of the application, detailing the grounds for visa refusal. Should this be the case, our visa specialists are on hand to provide you with information on what you can do next.
  3. The Consulate decides to ask an applicant for an interview before making the final decision: Applicants should be aware that interviews are not immediately guaranteed. However, our visa specialists will arrange an interview for the applicant at the earliest possible time. It is not necessary for the sponsor to attend the interview though they may do so if they wish.

Please ensure that you read our terms and conditions before proceeding with our application form.


Sounds good, how do I get started?

Register for us to assist you in applying for a UK visa by completing the application form below. Once you have completed and submitted the application below, a visa specialist will contact you within 12 working hours

Спасибо, что выбрали нас. Мы будем рады Вам помочь!

How can I pay for UK visa services?

You have several options to pay for your visa including:

Do you guarantee that the visa will be issued?

Unfortunately not, no one can guarantee the issue of a visa, this is purely at the consulate’s discretion. To be granted a UK visa, the applicant must satisfy the requirements of the Visa and Immigration branch of the UK Home Office. As an agent, we work on your behalf to ensure your application has the best chance of success, and we do so by collating, preparing, and submitting your application in accordance to the consulate’s guidelines.

Why Real Russia?

  • We have over 15 years’ experience in assisting thousands of customers with their visa applications, we have know-how to help avoid the technical errors that leads to a visa refusal, saving you time, money and effort.
  • We are conversant with the requirements of the British Embassy, and we can assist you in satisfying those provisions.
  • Wherever in Russia the applicant resides, our experts are equipped to provide remote assistance, and can offer support via your preferred communication method; whether it be email, telephone, skype, or any other online voice all services.

Is it true that the British consulate discriminate against single female applicants?

The consulate do not operate in a discriminatory conduct and are required to assess each case following regulatory provisions. Visa refusals, in such cases, are mostly a result of inaccurate or incomplete documentation.

I want to use your services in St. Petersburg, Rostov-on-Don, Novosibirsk or Yekaterinburg — can you help?


Our full service is available for applicants from all Russian regions except for St. Petersburg, Sverdlovsk (Yekaterinburg), Rostov-on-Don and Novosibirsk. The applicants from these regions should apply not in Moscow, but at their local British Visa Application Centers. However, we can still provide remote assistance to them, helping with document preparation, offering advice on the application process and submitting visa application form on their behalf on the British Consulate’s website. For more information, please contact

My applicant does not live in Moscow, can you help with travel arrangements?

We understand how difficult the application process can be, particularly for those who have to travel a long way to visit Moscow, or for individuals who have never visited the capital before. Our visa specialists do their very best to ensure that you are in the best position to be granted your visa by providing you with on-going support, including assisting the applicant with travel arrangements, accommodation, and transfer. For more information, please contact

Customer Service and Surveys

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Please, submit feedback, along with any suggestions you may have regarding our services.